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‘The Last of Us: Remastered’ PS4 pricing concerns and graphics details revealed

'Left Behind' DLC for 'The Last of Us'
'Left Behind' DLC for 'The Last of Us'
Photo courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment, used with permission

Several customers are angry about the pricing of the upcoming PS4 video game, “The Last of Us: Remastered.” According to a report from Cinema Blend on April 14, fans are complaining that the software product should not be priced at the same range as other new titles. Sony Computer Entertainment recently confirmed the remastered port after weeks of rumors.

For $59.99, customers will be getting “The Last of Us” with several enhanced graphical elements as well as improved gameplay features. Two multiplayer packs, along with the “Left Behind” DLC campaign prologue, are also included in the package. Sony Computer Entertainment has not yet announced a digital upgrade feature for existing owners of the PS3 version to purchase the PS4 port for a small fee.

Most remastered collections on the PS3 are usually priced at $39.99 and include multiple games. However, is seems like publishers are bucking the trend with the PS4 and Xbox One. Aside from “The Last of Us: Remastered,” “Tomb Raider Definitive Edition” was released earlier this year at $59.99 on next-generation platforms.

Naughty Dog is the studio responsible for porting the “The Last of Us” from the PS3 and PS4. Instead of scaling up, the development team may be scaling down. According to the Official Playstation Magazine, Naughty Dog create in-game models composing of a million polygons first before scaling down to fit the limitations of the hardware. As a result, it appears that the character models from “The Last of Us” may have already built in advance.

“The Last of Us: Remastered” on the PS4 should be released later this summer in North America, approximately one year after the release of the original PS3 video game. The same title has already sold six million units on the current-generation console. You can find an image of the aforesaid “Left Behind” DLC campaign from the official Naughty Dog Twitter page with the image embedded to the top of the article.