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The Last Of Us PS4 gives 'great advantage' for working on Uncharted 4, says dev

Ready for The Last of Us on PS4?
Ready for The Last of Us on PS4?
Permission to use photo given by Sony Computer Entertainment

The Last Of Us has been one of the most critically acclaimed games in the history of gaming and it will be given a second release when it hits the PS4 next Tuesday. Naughty Dog has been working hard on the game, but The Last Of Us on PS4 is more than a remaster for the studio.

Learning what a new system like the PS4 can do is crucial for any developer, and Naughty Dog is using the remastered version of The Last Of Us as a learning opportunity. Arne Meyer, who is the community strategies at Naughty Dog, talked about what they could do on PS3 and how that has changed with The Last Of Us on PS4.

"This entire generation of consoles has made great steps in making it easier to code for, but we were taking something so bound to the PS3, so it was a challenge. So much of the advances that we've done visually on the PS3 was because we could move our routines over to the SPUs, which is something that doesn't exist on the PS4.

"We were able to push our graphics and our lighting so far with that, and now that doesn't exist, it's like 'how can we recreate that, or make it even better?' This has given us a really great advantage to working on Uncharted 4. It's had us create a good foundation to start pushing things that we could only do on the PS4, and really delve in to that," Meyer said.

It has been well-documented how different the PS4 is from the PS3 and no one would know about those differences than Naughty Dog. Currently, the studio has quite the workload going on, as they are working on Uncharted 4 and perhaps another unannounced project as well.

The Last Of Us has been quite a historical project, not only for Naughty Dog, but for the entire gaming industry at large. Sure, some of the proportions have been blown out a bit too much at times, but the studio deserves every commendation they've received. It'll be great to journey through The Last Of Us yet again when it launches on PS4 this coming Tuesday.

Thanks, The Guardian!

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