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'The Last of Us: Left Behind' DLC lets you pit enemy humans against Infected

Sony released a pair of new videos Wednesday for The Last of Us: Left Behind that reveals new details about the upcoming single-player DLC for the Playstation 3 game of the year contender. This includes a revelation on where the story will take place and some of how the combat will be mixed up to take into account that Ellie is not yet the strong fighter she was at the end of the main campaign.

The Last of Us: Left Behind takes place prior to the events in The Last of Us. The opening cinematic trailer that was released reveals that Ellie's friend Riley returns from a long absence and is eager to show her friend that she's joined the Fireflies. Riley also wants to show Ellie something which is the impetus for this epilogue adventure.

The cinematic interview provides all of the new details of what Naughty Dog is attempting with the DLC. The developer is shooting for a stronger emphasis on story, exploration and non-combat gameplay with Left Behind story-centric. The exploration bit comes in as Riley shows Ellie an abandoned mall that gives the two young girls a glimpse at what the world was like before the cordycep spores started turning people into zombie-like Infected.

Naughty Dog previously teased that the combat in Left Behind will have "new touches" and one of those new touches is multi-faction combat. In The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie would face off against either human enemies or Clickers but never really both at the same time. The DLC will let the player trick both sides into fighting each other.

Example given included throwing a bottle to lead Infected to a human enemy or letting Infected chase you into a group of enemy humans.

The Last of Us: Left Behind will be released on Feb. 14 for the PS3.

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