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‘The Last of Us: Left Behind’ DLC features a lighter mood than the main campaign

The Last of Us: Left Behind
The Last of Us: Left Behind
Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is currently at work creating the first single-player story DLC for The Last of Us which will follow the events leading up the game’s main campaign as seen through the eyes of Ellie. Speaking to the official Playstation Blog on Monday, Ashley Johnson revealed a few details on the add-on as she discussed reprising her performance as Ellie for the upcoming DLC.

Johnson acknowledged that, as the add-on follows two teenage girls, Left Behind will ultimately feature a more playful atmosphere than that of the main story campaign for The Last of Us. Not only will Ellie appear more carefree, but the world itself will initially seem more fun and less threatening. During the interview, it was revealed that players will visit the remains of a mall as the teenagers look for excitement.

Left Behind isn’t just the first story-based DLC for The Last of Us, but the first single-player player add-on that Naughty Dog has ever developed. All previous DLC releases for Naughty Dog games have been exclusively for the multiplayer modes for the various games.

The Last of Us is out now only on the Playstation 3. No exact date has been set for when the Left Behind DLC will launch, but the content is expected to release early 2014.

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