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'The Last of Us' getting live-action, big screen adaptation

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"The Last of Us" is one of those video games that seemed to be begging for a movie or television show spinoff. Screen Gems and Ghost House pictures seem to agree. On Thursday, the companies announced a collaboration that will indeed bring Ellie and Joel and the rest of "The Last of Us" story lines to theaters in the near future.

Those who might be afraid that "The Last of Us" will get whitewashed or otherwise ruined by some outside redesigning the characters or the story behind the game can apparently rest easy. In the announcement of "The Last of Us" movie, it was also announced that Neil Druckman would head the development of the film. Druckman served as the creative director for the Sony Playstation 3 game so it appears the live action version will stay true to the pixelated horror/drama.

In fact, Naughty Dog Co-presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, as well as Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley have all said they are going to be a part of the project.

The real question at this point is whether or not those working on the movie script will stay with the original story of "The Last of Us" or whether they will change a few things along the way. "The Last of Us" stands out because the game already has a riveting story the quality of which you rarely see on the console. That also means that plenty of people know how the movie ends.

That means the creators of "The Last of Us" are going to be running into the same problem creators of films like "The Mist" and "The Watchmen" have had to deal with. Do the writers change the ending in order to be a little more Hollywood friendly, or do they go with the original in order to keep fans of the game happy. In "The Mist" and "Watchmen" the endings were tweaked only slightly and it drew howls of rage from those stories' fan base.

That means that no matter what direction "The Last of Us" goes, it will be walking a bit of a tightrope

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