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The Last of Us DLC debut

It seems as though the DLC the company Naughty Dog’s release date for The Last of Us has been revealed sooner than we thought. In November of 2013, Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli answered the repeating fan questions in regards to Left Behind that was said to be due in early 2014, Eric replied, “We’ll be revealing the date soon.” He then later added, “We’ll give the release date really soon!” and “we’ll be talking about it really soon!!!” The DLC that has been in progress since fall of last year has been officially announced to be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, so that the game’s fans can relive the romance they experienced when they first fell in love with the game of The Last of Us. Left Behind will be a new single-player story prequel to the highly acclaimed PlayStation 3 adventure game The Last of Us. The events of the main campaign game surround the misadventures of a fearless yet flawed man by the name of Joel and a young girl named Ellie, whose past is shrouded by mystery. The new DLC will shed some light on Ellie’s past, including her relationship with her best friend Riley, whom she grew up with in a military boarding school, and the events that occurred prior to Ellie meeting Joel.

The overall experience of The Last of Us is so unique and leads fans to believe that an expansion is unnecessary or will hinder the initial experience of The Last of Us in comparison. The game was simply so incredible and well done in terms of its graphics, character development, and storyline that some people are hesitant to play the DLC, however, it is safe to assume that Left Behind will not tarnish the overall experience of The Last of Us. Although, the game franchise will struggle due to the fact that the game title was so highly acclaimed as well as complete. Despite the fact that the prequel will take place in the same world and similar time period, the game just won’t be the same without the characters that the fans originally became attached to. The story line for Left Behind is said to have a more lighthearted atmosphere and will give players an opportunity to get to know Ellie better. In an interview between actress Ashley Johnson, who brilliantly brings Ellie’s character to life, and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEE), she said, “You kind of get to meet the real her. She’s in the quarantine zone prior to the events of The Last of Us - it’s her and her best friend Riley - what they do and how they live their lives in this world. You’ll definitely see a more playful side to Ellie and get to know her a bit better. You’re going to see a lot of different sides to the character that you definitely didn’t see in The Last of Us. I’m excited for people to experience it!”

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