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‘The Last of Us’ director talks ‘BioShock Infinite’ and ‘GTA 5’ competitions

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Neil Druckmann has provided a statement in regards to competing against “BioShock Infinite” and “GTA 5” for the “Game of the Year” awards. In an interview with Venture Beat on Feb. 16, the creative director was asked if he was able to “draw any conclusions” from the critical acclaim of “The Last of Us.”

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Although Neil Druckmann mentioned that it is “humbling” to be getting such praise, he also admitted that the development team “try not to put too much weight” to the acclaim. He went on to add that Naughty Dog tries to create games that will satisfy the staff members and the gaming community. You can find some screens from “BioShock Infinite,” “GTA 5” and “The Last of Us” in the slideshow to the left of this article. The comments from the creative director can be viewed below:

All this stuff is humbling, but you try not to put too much weight into it. It’s not why we do these things. We’re trying to make games that, first and foremost, we and the team are proud of, and second, that players can connect to and get something out of. That’s super gratifying. But I don’t think the awards will change what we do or our approach in any way.

“BioShock Infinite,” “GTA 5” and “The Last of Us” were among the highest-rated video games to be released in North America last year. However, a majority of the “Game of the Year” awards went to Naughty Dog’s video game. The first single-player expansion, “Left Behind,” was recently released for the survival-horror action-adventure video game.

In addition to “The Last of Us,” the studio is also working on the next “Uncharted” software product, which is coming out exclusively for the PS4 next-generation system.