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The Last Beat: why it's important

If you’ve been a reader of The Doors Examiner for a while (even a short while) you know that we’ve been following and promoting the film “The Last Beat” in its efforts to fund the film through indigo. With only 7 days (or so) left before its 30 day deadline is reached, the filmmakers are shy of their $100,000 goal, I thought I might express some of the reasons why I think this film is important.

The Last Beat has just over a week left to completely fund the film
Courtesy: Alterity films

First of all I have no stake in the film either personally or professionally. I’m not the producer or the writer of the film, I’m just an interested party who thinks it would be a really cool movie to see!

More than ever, the entertainment industry is run by a few powerful people who decide what movies will get made, which bands will receive airplay, and which authors will have a chance to be published whose last names aren’t King or Grisham. The movie industry has a lot of stories of filmmakers who scrapped together money to make their first movies. Robert Rodriquez made money by being a test subject for medical research, Kevin Smith borrowed against credit cards to get “Clerks” made, Quentin Tarantino famously worked in a video store as he wrote scripts. The list is long and as many success stories there are, the list of those who tried and failed is unknowably long. In this era of the internet, the computer has brought together the artist and audience in a more interactive way than ever before.

There has always been an interaction between artist and audience. In the past that interaction was removed and passive, but today through the internet, social media, the interaction between artist and audience is closer. This may have some resonance with Doors fans. Jim Morrison sought and thought a performance to be interactive between performer and audience, and now we can be by contributing a little bit of money to participate in an artistic Democracy. It’s our chance to say what we get see, or hear. We don’t have to wait and hope that some future studio executive will happen upon a project that may be of interest and if they did through creation by committee it might become a watered down version of what it could have been. In “The Last Beat” you have the chance to support an artistic vision. This film is a labor of love of its creators and the idea of the film comes from their own love of The Doors. I’ve said this before and believe it, greater truths can be found in fiction than in real life or the recitation of facts.

If you aren’t familiar with director Robert Saitzyk’s previous films I encourage you to check out his previous films “Godspeed” and “White of Winter” both are available on Amazon. If you would like more information on “The Last Beat” The Doors Examiner has covered it extensively please read the related articles posted below.

You can watch the first 9 minutes of “The Last Beat” in the video above or at the indiegogo site Ride With The Beat. There you can watch Robert Saitzyk’s pitch video on why he thinks “The Last Beat” is important. You can also see what premiums are available for the contribution levels, so contribute today, before it’s too late! Ride with the Beat!

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