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The Last Beat takes step closer to crowd funding

Long time readers of The Doors Examiner know that we’ve been following the progress of ‘The Last Beat,’ a film that is a fictionalized look at Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris. In a recent update director Robert Saitzyk announced the possibility of financing the film through crowdfunding, it seems that he and his team have taken a step closer and are about ready to put ‘The Last Beat’ up on a crowdfunding platform.

In a new update on 'The Last Beat,' Saitzyk has announced that he has shot approximately nine minutes of the film. In the interim between his last update and this new one he and his team have been recording original songs for the film (see the video above), as well as shooting stills for and from the film. Saitzyk has not yet announced the date he’s releasing the film to crowdfunding or which crowdfunding source he will be using (i.e Kickstarter, Indiegogo). If you would like to follow the updates on ‘The Last Beat’ you can follow them on Facebook or keep reading The Doors Examiner which will bring you the latest news on ‘The Last Beat’ as they happen. If you would like to catch up on the progress of ‘The Last Beat’ please also read related articles below.

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