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The Lashman slashes its way to a premiere at the FULL MOON FESTIVAL this weekend

“Stay out of the woods! Lashman getchya!”

Movie poster for The Lashman
The Lashman, Cameron McCasland

I just screened my friend Cameron McCasland’s new independent horror film, 'The Lashman.' I have to say that I am honored to have been among the few that have seen the full film so far and also extremely impressed. This film was a labor of love for Cameron. It was filmed independently and everything, from the sharp score down to the careful production values, was actually quite awesome.

The story, written by Cameron, is a fresh take on the old “urban legend slasher” horror subgenre. The film features a fine group of up-and-coming actors and actresses, Stacey Dixon, Shawn C. Phillips, and David Vaughn, just to name of few. It also features cameo appearances by Larry “Dr. Gangrene” Underwood and also by Cameron himself.

‘The Lashman’ will premiere this weekend at Nashville’s Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival. For more information about this event, see

For news related to the film, see the official Facebook page at‎

*For those reading that are not in the Nashville area, Cameron McCasland is Regional Emmy-nominated and Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award-winning director, known in the Nashville horror circuit as the director of Dr. Gangrene’s 'Chiller Cinema' and 'Go Green with Dr. Gangrene' PSA shorts, such as 'The Frank-Can-Stein Monster.'

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