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The Land Of Lasting Sun

In this the sunshine state, Florida, where the sun shines bright for much of the year, though you would never know it by the way our state legislature keeps coughing up ways to funnel legislation though that keeps any advent of solar energy away from the masses. The latest infringement on easing the high cost of energy that everyone is paying comes as really no surprise either. It seems that state legislatures continue to thwart any legislation that has to do with reducing the cost of integrating alternate green energy systems for individual home use at a time when energy costs are soaring.

When we travel around the state of Florida we see continued evidence of the fact that solar power or any other type of green energy system have yet to be a major component in new home construction. Everywhere we look whether in Hillsbourgh county or Pasco county new home construction are completely void of any facet of solar, wind or any other green energy source. The biggest reason still is that green energy systems remain too cost prohibitive.

When we take a closer look at the political implications that have continued to stifle legislation from making green energy sources more affordable either by tax breaks or incentives to those businesses that produce and sell solar panels and other alternate green energy sources we come away with some sobering facts. Here we find that the states three biggest electric companies plunked down hordes of cash to the tune of over $4 million in just this last election alone. From Florida Power and Light, Teco Energy, and Duke are all complicit in funneling large amounts of cash to state candidates and legislators. This means only one thing. Though many republican state senators and house members deny any involvement the fact of the matter is that money flooded into legislators campaign funds do have a way of swaying legislation in favor of those who have contributed all that money.

When any legislation comes before the state house and the most recent piece of legislation, one that would ease restrictions and offer tax breaks for green energy companies have all been voted down. This, even though over 90% of the states population overwhelmingly support those tax breaks. Once again state houses especially in Florida continue to show that money pumped into political campaigns trumps the majority every time. Corruption at it's finest hour. With the pockets of practically every state legislature filled with fresh cash from Florida's utility and power conglomerates one can see why solar energy and every other form of green energy is still light years away from being affordable for the general public.

Today, Every major utility company whether it is TECO, Progress Energy, or Duke all rely on fossil fuel and nuclear power to generate the electricity Florida uses. Every home, business, and hospital still rely on the energy supplied by these power companies. And, if you happen to consider and are wealthy enough to augment your home energy bill or better yet be completely off the grid with green energy like solar you still need to be tied into a major utility company like TECO just to obtain an occupancy permit.

Another point to consider is with the latest Supreme court ruling which opens up a Pandora's Box involving campaign finance just will make it all the more difficult to pass any legislation that goes against major power companies and "Big Oil." In other words this leaves the majority of Floridians at the mercy of the existing powers that be. Has anyone noticed what we are all paying at the pump lately? It's not only gas prices that are soaring but everyone's electricity bill has increased as well. In Florida, home to a well populated senior population that subside on their Social Security benefits they have not increased to keep pace with the inflationary trends that are really set by the rising costs of energy today.

Will the people of Florida and every other state that faces similar roadblocks in ushering in affordable green energy systems finally rise up and say enough is enough? We have to overturn existing legislation that has only thwarted solar and every other form of renewable green energy system from being affordable and make it a realistic component in every home and business. Our state, our country and all our future depends that we do. Until then the people in Florida and pretty much anywhere else eagerly await the time when affordable green energy systems become a realistic alternative to the price we are all paying using energy supplied by the power sources of the first industrial revolution.