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The Lakers parade: take the kids, take the Metro

I'll be the one wearing this T-shirt.
I'll be the one wearing this T-shirt.
J.E. Neil

The tradition in our family is that my sister in Orange County puts on Thanksgiving. She and her husband have become experts on the holiday, with two ovens, four turkeys, plenty of pies and mushroom cappuccino for forty. This year, she’s had the audacity to tell us that she and her family have decided to go away that week in November. We’re appalled and forced to make other plans. My other sister has decided to go to New York City because, even though she lived in Manhattan for nine years in the 1980s, she never attended the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m not sure how something like that happens, or doesn’t happen as the case may be. I supposed it’s like my dad, who grew up in the Big Apple and never went to see the Statue of Liberty. It’s a little bit procrastination, a little bit of avoiding the hassle of doing something that so many others want to do at the same time.
Once again, the Lakers have won the NBA title. Once again, they’re having a parade in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate. Once again, I was going to skip the madness. This year, however, I find myself, like last summer, scrambling to cobble together a memorable school break with the kids without spending too much money while creating memories that last. I don’t know if today will be one of those, but I’m dragging them to the Metro anyway. They’ve watched the games with me and can name the starting line-up. They’re curious to see just how tall these men are. Why not spend a day with thousands of individuals wearing gold and purple?
I’m not even going to suggest an easy driving route. I can’t imagine trying to navigate traffic and parking. Take the Metro. Click on this link at for comprehensive instructions on how to take public transportation to the event. It begins at 11am at the Staples Center and heads down to the Galen Center at USC. For more details of the parade, check out the information available at
I’ve been away from for awhile and I’ve missed you all. Let’s spend more time together here and at my site,
See you at the parade, or not.