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The Lakers are far from normal

"A scene Lakers fans have to endure for only 20 more games."
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Lakers have officially reached ‘rock-bottom'. The product on the court is God-awful, unwatchable and in need of major changes. The Lakers 48-point loss to the Clippers was the worst in franchise history. More egregious was the ineptitude of the Lakers performance -- all season. As embarrassing, demoralizing and painful the 48-point beat down at the hands of the Clippers was to endure for all, hopefully it provided Laker management with a bit of clarity.

Hopefully management will realize that a front office leader needs to emerge and the entire direction for the franchises future gets an overhaul. The Head Coach, General Manager and Ownership group have gone from being an asset to a liability and worthy of fans donning brown paper bags, despite the 10 cent cost of said bags in Los Angeles.

The Lakers have not been this bad since the team resided in Minneapolis, MN. One of several questions Lakers fans worldwide are asking …who is in charge? Laker fans have had it with General Manager Mitch Kupchak sounding as if he is defusing a bomb as well as Head Coach Mike D'Antoni sounding as if someone is holding a gun to his head when either has to explain what has happened with the team.

In a 30-team league, the Lakers ranked 29th in points allowed surrendering 107.4 points per game (117 in their last 10 games) and at or near the bottom in every defensive category. The Lakers have lost 28 of their last 36 games and 13 of those losses were by 10 points of more. The role reversal between the two teams has been swift and sudden. The Clippers have always played the role of ‘little brother' to the Lakers and have had sand kicked in their face since moving to Los Angeles.

Now Los Angeles' two professional basketball teams are reminiscent of two cars driving on the 405 freeway, one heading north and the other heading south. All of that changed in three simple steps 1) Clippers drafting Blake Griffin 2) Former NBA Commissioner David Stern stopping the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers and handing him to the Clippers. 3) The arrival of Head Coach Doc Rivers.

The real question is Does the two cars driving on the 405 freeway analogy foreshadow the future of both franchises? Clippers looked like the Lakers (when they were the Lakers in the championship years) and the Lakers looked like the Clippers before the three moves mentioned before. The Clippers will be in the playoffs and in contention to represent the Western Conference for the 2013-2014 NBA Championship while the Lakers have a date with the NBA Lottery.

The 2013-2014 NBA campaign has been a lost season for the Lakers, due to injuries, ineptitude and bad decisions. The Lakers defense, or lack therof, should convince everyone watching that Mike D'Antoni's services are no longer needed and that things will get a lot worse long before they get better.

There are 20 games remaining in the season and the Lakers are just playing out the schedule, the other 29 NBA teams are like sharks smelling blood in the water, but before the purple and gold prepare to select a franchise player for their future in the lottery the Lakers have to face the Spurs (three times), Thunder (twice), Clippers, Suns, Warriors, Rockets, Blazers, Grizzles, Wizards, Mavericks, Knicks, Jazz and Magic.

Jeff Little is the host of "The Locker Room" a daily sports talk radio show based out of Los Angeles 6-8 pm PST Follow on twitter @JeffLittle32, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+

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