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The lake at Deweese Park: A local gem?

Ther are some very active beavers in this lpark.
Ther are some very active beavers in this lpark.
Ken Davy

This lake is somewhat out of the way because it is located in the middle of Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark at 1301 E. Siebenthaler Avenue , Dayton, Ohio 45414. The main garden is the first thing you will encounter after turning off of Siebenthaler Avenue. Continue past the main garden area and you will quickly come to the lake. There is a parking area by the Southwest corner of the lake. The parking lot on the North side of the lake is controlled by the Wing Masters radio-controlled airplane club.

This lake is just basic fishing. There is nothing fancy here. There are only two picnic tables and they are in a shelter apparently owned by the Miami Valley Model Yacht Club. There are two words of caution about use of this area. For one thing, there is no outhouse or restroom for public use at this park. Additionally, this park is not set up for use by persons with disabilities. There is a border set up around the parking area with posts and cable, apparently to keep people from getting stuck out by the lake or even in the lake.

The lake itself is shallow and has quite a bit of moss and algae. There are buoys in the lake that were put there by the Model Yacht Club for their use. According to a local fisherman, the only stocking the lake has gotten in recent years has been natural stocking from the nearby Stillwater River, as it occasionally floods the park. According to local anglers, the lake contains largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, carp, flathead catfish, bluegills, saugeye, white perch and white and black crappies.

The lake has a rather pronounced moss border that extends up to fifteen feet from the shore almost all the way around. This can make it somewhat difficult to fish but the problem can be surmounted by using gear that is a little heavier than you would usually use in such a small lake. Fans of light tackle may want to consider fishing here early and late in the season, when the moss won’t be such a problem. The attractiveness of small water lies in the fact that there are fewer places for the fish to hide. In hot weather, consider fishing such waters early or late with top water plugs along the moss border, since all that moss means plenty of frogs.

It has been reported that bass up to five pounds have been caught from this lake, although it does receive quite a bit of pressure from local anglers. Other anglers have reported crappies up to two pounds and good numbers of bass in the thirteen inch range. There is also access to the Stillwater River from this park.

Stop by and check this park out when you are in the neighborhood! It might become one of your favorite places to stop by when you are in the neighborhood with a few minutes to spare.


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