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The Ladies of "Divergent"

Male actors still have more lead roles than actresses, so it’s nice to see films that feature a good amount of female characters. The film “Divergent” features Shailene Woodley as the central character; with four other actresses in interesting speaking roles as well. Since this is a fashion column, let’s talk about what the actresses of the film wore to the premieres around the world.

Shailene Woodley at the London premiere of "Divergent."
Getty images

Shailene Woodley has been vocal about her lack of interest in fashion – also stating that she tends to wear recycled clothing – but with her lead role in the popular “Divergent;” she seems to be finally catching on that what she wears on a red carpet will be heavily photographed and likely criticized if not up to par. It must have been a challenge for her to choose outfits for the Los Angeles, New York, London, and Spain screenings of the film. In London, Woodley wore a lovely blue column gown with lace neckline and plunging open back. Another stunning choice for Spain, she wore a chiffon gown in a muted red tone with sweetheart neckline and full skirt. Her outfits for the Los Angeles and New York screenings were a bit off the mark – a dress in a sort of drab gold tone in L.A., and a black pantsuit in New York.

The other four actresses with solid speaking roles in “Divergent” are Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet, Maggie Q, and Zoe Kravitz. Kate Winslet appeared at the Los Angeles and London premieres of the film. She didn’t choose anything too daring or interesting for either; plain red in L.A. and plain black in London. Ashley Judd wore a nice blue gown with draped sleeves for the L.A. premiere. Maggie Q seemed rather desperate for attention at the L.A. premiere, wearing a black “dress” with open panels that went all the way up to her waist – looking more tasteless than sexy. Also in L.A., Zoe Kravitz looked rather sweet and pretty in a satin and lace minidress with off-the-shoulder sleeves.

The older actresses were a bit more muted in their premiere fashion choices, while the 20-somethings chose more interesting looks. Maggie Q however – years younger than Judd and Winslet but also years older than Woodley and Kravitz – seemed to be inadvertently following the “middle child screaming for attention scenario” with her outfit choice. Please enjoy the slideshow of all the looks discussed.

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