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The lack of concern for murdered victims and surviving family is appalling

There has been no serious attempt to fulfill the obligations of the court system concerning the death penalty.  It has become a struggle about personal preference rather than the law.
There has been no serious attempt to fulfill the obligations of the court system concerning the death penalty. It has become a struggle about personal preference rather than the law. Image

The outrage demonstrated because it took a little time for a couple of death row inmates to die is an example of the misplaced concern that exists for the real victims of heinous crimes.

Capital execution opponents took the opportunity to once again declare how the death penalty is an uncivilized taking of human life. All this concern for those earning a long delayed execution….what about showing equal regard for the murdered victims and their families left behind?

One could easily call it poetic justice that the execution was a little difficult. The victim of the convicted murderer was brutalized and buried alive. So what if it took 20 minutes for the murderer to die. He was still a lot more comfortable than his victim.

The idea that executions are suppose to be completely comfortable and without pain is a little ludicrous. Maybe the death penalty is not a deterrent as death penalty opponents claim because of the painless and sterile conditions an execution is administered. Perhaps a more uncertain environment would bring hesitation for committing capital crimes.

Consequently as immensely long as the current process is, survivors that have had their loved ones yanked away by bloodthirsty culprits must wait through decades of appeals before even hoping to see some closure. Justice delayed is justice denied as many death row inmates wait longer in jail than the lives of many of the victims they murdered. Just as the wounds begin to heal, the judicial system manages to knock the scab off the wound....and the bleeding begins again.

One of the most ridiculous reasons offered for abolishing the death penalty is that “it costs too much”. States as California stopped executing prisoners for aloof reasons as “maybe there is an innocent person wrongly convicted”. Death row was never meant to be an entire community of convicted felons housed for lengthy stretches of time going on 20, 30, or 40 years.

Life imprisonment or the death penalty ends up being the same sentence due to the endless grind purposely created by those undermining the death penalty process. If the death penalty is not a deterrent, it is because cerebral pontificators have created a culture where the death penalty means basically the same as life in prison.

Then one wonders why they cannot get a death penalty candidate to talk as that in the Sierra La Mar case. Why should he talk? If found guilty he would receive the same sentence . Using life in prison as a bargaining chip to avoid the death penalty means nothing really. It would only mean something if the death penalty was judiciously carried out.

What really infuriates is using the snail’s pace and outright refusal to render what the law requires, then once the tremendous backlog is created, the cost for housing over 700 inmates thirty plus years is divided by perhaps five or six executions that have taken place in California. Then these geniuses tout, “Look, it costs 300 million dollars to execute one prisoner!” Then they bellow executions cost too much.

Yes indeed, these intelligent people really argue that.

It is not politically correct to consider any Bible standards regarding having a death penalty. In Genesis God clearly set the requirement that if blood is shed by any man, then his blood would be mandated for recompense. The shedding of innocent blood is a serious issue with God…emphasis on shedding innocent blood.

Those once again pulling incorrect references from the Bible point to “eye for an eye” as some type of barbaric reason not to have a death penalty. Their confusion on Bible references misses the point that the “eye for an eye” standard was to compensate injury of an unborn fetus that may have been injured when two brawling drunkards knocked over a pregnant woman during a bar fight. It’s too bad there is not the same concern regarding the viability of a fetus in the abortion issue which would be the correct application for an “eye for an eye”.

God detests the shedding of innocent blood and has made His distaste for murder crystal clear. Earning the death penalty through hateful action is quite different. You really have to delude yourself in attempts to link those two issues of murder and capital punishment as the same.

In spite of posturing by anti-death penalty forces, being executed is a deterrent for 1st degree murder. It is nonsensical to say it is not a deterrent because neither would any other lesser penalty; not life imprisonment or the threat of any imprisonment. Perpetrators of the law consider the penalties for various crimes when planning or executing their crimes since it does impact their behavior on whether to hide different items.

Repeat offenders of murder, those killing multiple victims, crimes of special circumstance would receive the same sentence if the death penalty is not properly used when necessary. It makes no sense that the life penalty is assessed as the ultimate punishment, an insult to the victims and a travesty regarding justice.

Everyone knows something is inherently inequitable regarding the murder of children, teenagers, or young adults result in the killers living out their lives in relative comfort while still having visitation from loved ones.. This is not justice and anyone saying it is justice is a fool or a liar. Punishment perhaps, but justice?....absolutely not.

The only fair solution is to forfeit the life of the person or persons responsible for first degree murder as stipulated by the law. Nobody is asking for any personal opinions on the death penalty once judgment is reached.

The court system has lied in hundreds of cases in California once the death penalty was issued as a consequence of evil human actions. The process is broken because purposeful foolish human action broke it. Now there is a problem where people are too cowardly or lack the human resolve to move forward.

It is regrettable that a convicted murderer may have discomfort when they are executed, but it is far more consideration their victims received.

There is nothing that says an execution has to be pain free and comfortable.

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