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The LA Clippers have a powerful roster at the right time of the year

Blake Griffin has begun to emerge as the impact player he was expected to become.
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The minds behind professional sports organizations work diligently to build rosters that can carry the expectations of becoming champions. Teams based in Los Angeles, California have long been known for developing powerful groups of players and after years of toiling at the bottom of the National Basketball Association it seems as if the LA Clippers have finally caught on. The group that has been put together for the remainder of this season is a prime example of depth that could pose to be a formidable challenge in this year's playoffs.

Nearly any player that reaches the NBA level can be deemed a “talented” individual. However, it is very rare that a group of players are brought together in a way that compares to what the Clippers have been able to do this year. As more and more teams move towards the practice of having multiple marquee players on the roster; the Clippers have built a unit of top stars, mixed in with experienced veterans that have played at some of the highest levels of the sport.

Coming out of their Monday night win over the Phoenix Suns, the Clippers are leading all teams as they average 107.8 points per outing. That total is being distributed very well across their roster as six players are earning double figure points each game. The ability to have multiple weapons is very important at this point of the year, especially as teams implement stronger defensive play.

That's another area where the Clippers have improved this season under the leadership of Doc Rivers. They are holding teams to slightly more than 100 points a game which is ranked in the top half of all teams. While this number will have to get better if they intend to make it out of the Western Conference; it's still a point of excitement for what this unit is doing this season.

On an individual player basis the Clippers haven't looked this strong in years. Blake Griffin averaged 30 points in the month of February and has continued that strong trend five games into March. Chris Paul continues to be a double-double player in points and assists with 18.6 and 11 respectively. Center DeAndre Jordan is close to being a 10-10 player himself in points and rebounds. Yet, the story is how well the Clippers have built their roster beyond just these three players.

Jamal Crawford has been sidelined by injury but when he returns it is expected that he will go right back to his ways of being a primary scoring threat. He's going to be coupled with the newly signed Danny Granger who's also looking to regain he form that has been hampered by time off the court. J. J. Redick is having a career year of his own but he has been sidelined for the last 14 games due to a back injury. These three players are the key pieces in a bench unit that also includes Matt Barnes, Glen Davis, Jared Dudley and Darren Collison. When this group gets back to their full strength they will be comprised of the talent at the right positions to make a late season push a possibility.

The last few years have ended in disappointment for the Los Angeles Clippers. It seems as if those with the power to make changes have done so as the front office has put together what may be the best complete roster in the game today. Still, the results come to fruition in the post season where the Clippers have put together a team that is worth watching.

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