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The l'etoile magazine and Blacklist Vintage holiday Jubilee was the event to attend

l'etoile have certainly grown comfortable in their mover/shaker hats over the last year, having organized such now locally legendary events as JagerCon and Project Runway at Hell's Kitchen, along with a plethora of one-off events. Their website earned awards and accolades normally reserved for the larger, more well-funded media outlets as well, and just about every writer I've met here in town has shown at least some level of interest in just how I managed to get hooked up with this writing for l'etoile gig. (That counts as full disclosure, right?)

So, on Saturday, in a grand gesture of appreciation extended to everyone who has been a part of the site's success, a holiday party was thrown and much celebrating took place. While in attendance, I bumped into a number of artists, musicians, designers and models I'm used to seeing only on stages and pages. Jake Rudh kept the dance floor full as Robbie from Clubhouse Jaeger lent his pouring skills to the collective quest for social lubrication, and some of the locally infamous faces I can recall having seen were (in no particular order, and with no promises that I haven't forgotten someone) Jeremy Messersmith, Mark Mallman, Christian and Janey of Astronaut Wife, David Foley, Christopher Straub, a few of the hipper people at MPR and, of course, the entire staff of l'etoile.

If you're a fan or supporter of l'etoile then this was the place for you to be. And if you couldn't make it, I'd like to thank you personally, and on behalf of everyone at l'etoile, for coming along with us at the outset of what promises to be a long, wild ride. (Recap and more photos online at the l'etoile blog.)