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The Krueger Mansion and the Feigenspan Mansion were owned by business magnates

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With hard work and business savvy, Gottfried Krueger and Christian William Feigenspan became wealthy through their successful brewery businesses. What they both left here in Newark that serves as a testament to their legacy are the Krueger Mansion and the Feigenspan Mansion, two historic homes that still stand today.

Gottfried Krueger, who owned the Krueger Mansion, an estate that was built like a Baroque castle from his native land of Germany, established the Krueger Brewing Company in 1858. The Krueger Brewing Company is a family business that still exists today. When Krueger lived in this stately mansion, built between 1887 and 1889, it was the most expensive and largest home in Newark. Krueger wanted his estate to be better than Mr. Ballantine’s mansion. The large estate contains 26 rooms and is a Victorian style home. The last resident who privately owned Krueger Mansion was Louise Scott, who made her fortune in the beauty business, became Newark’s first female African-American millionaire. The future of the Krueger Mansion is uncertain since the building is abandoned.

Unlike the Krueger Mansion, the Feigenspan Mansion is being preserved, for it is home to the Community Agencies Corporation of New Jersey. Christian William Feigenspan, who owned the Feigenspan Mansion built by Warrington Lawrence in 1905, who founded the largest brewery in Newark, had beer bottles that contained the ”PON” logo which stood for “Pride of Newark.”

Hopefully, the Krueger Mansion will not be left to ruin and will be conserved as this iconic historic site, with a striking brick tower, tells the story of a bygone era of Newark’s history.