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The Koch brothers gear up to take out Harry Reid in 2016

 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid has been attacking the Koch brothers for so many things, one would think that they are responsible for rainy days and Mondays. He has even accused the two libertarian billionaire philanthropists of leading some kind of cult. It looks like David and Charles Koch has had quite enough of Leader Reid. According to a Tuesday story in Politico, they now intend to take him out when he is up for reelection in 2016.

There have been rumors that Reid had been thinking of retiring in 2016, especially if, as many expect, the Democrats are consigned to minority status in the Senate. But perversely the news that the Koch brothers are gunning for him seems to have stiffened Reid’s spine and has made him want to do battle with them, gaining one more term in the Senate.Certainly the operation of the Kochs to oppose Reid for his 2016 reelection campaign is already in the preparation stages. They are due only to get bigger as the 2016 campaign season draws nigh.

“The efforts in recent months have been largely subterranean, but they are unmistakable. A handful of nonprofit groups in the vast political network helmed by allies of the conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch have established or expanded permanent ground operations in Reid’s backyard. Focused on wooing key demographics like Latinos and veterans, they’ve already paid for ads assailing the Senate Democratic leader.”

There are a number of reasons that the Kochs might want to consign Reid to the private sector besides understandable revenge for being bad mouthed on the floor of the Senate. Reid has been a one man purveyor of political gridlock, bottling up bills that have been passed in the House and preventing them from even being voted on in the Senate using his powers as majority leader. President Obama may blame House Republicans for gridlock, but it is Reid who has stood in the path of the political process, calling halt.

His fear is that Senate Democrats would be forced to cast votes on popular bills they would prefer not to bother with. Even worse, some of those bills might actually pass. Then President Obama might have to use his veto pen.

All of this means is that the Nevada senate race will be the biggest political story of 2016, with the obvious exception of the presidential race. Reid will no doubt cast himself as a lone man of the people standing up to billionaire corporate interests. The Kochs will not care if their money, and presumably a suitable candidate, will suffice to win Reid’s seat, imparting a lesson of what happens when you bad mouth the Koch brothers.

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