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'The Knick': Eve Hewson stars with Clive Owen in Cinemax's new miniseries

Actress Eve Hewson grew up in the spotlight of her famous dad, Bono, lead singer of the legendary rock band U2, but has comfortably found her own niche in the spotlight as an actress. Hewson met press as part of the cast of Cinemax’s new 19th century medical drama“The Knick,” during the HBO portion of the TCA tour this week. Although her father is one of the most famous musicians in the world, Hewson looks to him not for acting advice but for advice about handling the celebrity that comes with the bring in the entertainment business.

Eve Hewson meets attends TCA Press Tour to discuss "The Knick."
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"He tried to teach me all about the musicality of a line,” Hewson said when asked about how her father’s career influenced hers. “But that's not a good way to go about your acting," she said. "He has helped me in other ways, with things like this, but not really as an acting coach. I call him and ask him about scripts and directors." The actress has appeared in such films as “Enough Said” and “This Must Be the Place.”

In “The Knick,” Hewson plays Lucy, a naive nurse who comes to New York for adventure and a new experience and is instantly in over her head. Set in the infamous Knickerbocker Hospital in the year 1900, the series looks at medicine at a time when modern medicine as we know it today was still in a pioneering and experimental phase. Clive Owen and Andre Holland co-star with Hewson in the Steven Soderbergh directed 10 episode series, which is already renewed for a second season ahead of its August 8th premiere.

“The Knick” marks Owen’s return to television, having previously appeared in the HBO movie “Hemingway and Gellhorn.” This time around, the Oscar nominee plays John Thackery, a doctor whose ambition to discover the science of medicine is marred by his addiction to cocaine and opium.

Holland plays Dr. Algernon Edwards, a gifted, black Harvard-trained surgeon who fights for respect in the hospital that has an all-white staff and patient hospital while trying to navigate his way through the racism that plagued the country back in the day.

Look for “The Knick” to premiere on August 8th in Cinemax.

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