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The King Is Back—King Of The Monsters, That Is!

Godzilla hangs loose as his performer has a spot of tea.
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Although the upcoming Godzilla remake from Legendary Pictures (set to open May 16th) looks cool, based on what we've seen so far in the trailer. You never really can tell for sure until you see the movie, if they nailed it or blew it. However, thanks to Rialto Pictures Godzilla fans can see the original 1954 classic in special screenings across the country in select theaters, starting April 18th through April 24th.

The 60th Anniversary restoration of Godzilla: The Japanese Original, is a stunning new restoration, which adds roughly 40 minutes of footage that was cut from the original American version release, and has rarely been seen. This newly restored version also features new sub-titles and of course has been digitally restored to showcase the amazing cinematography and effects of Eiji Tsuburaya.

If you're wondering what Raymond Burr will look like fully restored— then you don't know jack about Godzilla. This is the true Godzilla, the way it was always intended to be. There's no Raymond Burr and no Americans at all for that matter. This is the movie director Ishiro Honda intended to make— as pure to his vision as it can get.

If you've never seen the original Japanese version of Godzilla complete and uncut, then you've never really seen Godzilla the way it was intended to be— a tense and terrifying cautionary tale.

The film will be showing here in New York, at the NYC Film Forum. Showtimes daily at 1:15, 3:15,5:15,7:30 & 9:45.

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