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The kind of celebrity news that means something: who is aging gracefully

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The term "aging gracefully" has become popular among those discussing plastic surgery on Hollywood actresses. The term seems to represent a very select few people, who have remained naturally beautiful - wrinkles, age spots and all! Most aging actresses tend to fall into the plastic surgery trap of Hollywood, opting for a terrifyingly unnatural appearance just to avoid a single line on their faces.

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This discussion should also include Hollywood MEN - since plenty of them undergo treatments to appear more youthful - but since the world still places so much pressure on women to look young and wrinkle-free, I wanted to salute some of those women in Hollywood who have stood up against the stigma of aging. We should all take an example from these women who are brave enough in their privileged world to forego face lifts and botox treatments. They remind our celebrity-crazed culture that aging and wrinkles bring character to a face - that signs of life, experience and wisdom on a woman's face should be appreciated, and not scrutinized.

Check out the slideshow for pictures of actresses who chose to age gracefully and who have not undergone plastic surgery to attempt to remain the same person they were 20 years ago (I mean - isn't that boring anyway!?). I'm sure there are plenty of women that I have left out, so please feel free to leave your comments below to salute other graceful ladies.