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The Kim Kardashian Effect

The Kim Kardashian Effect
The Kim Kardashian Effect
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So Mimi Faust of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fame, ex girlfriend to infamous record producer and misogynist extraordinaire Stevie J, has made a sex tape, and she seems to be real proud of herself too! I’m wondering how her debut in the adult film industry is going to pan out for her and if she thinks she’ll wind up on top, or anywhere in the realm of Kim Kardashian. If Mimi’s confidence in her latest move is any indication, she’s just as delusional as anyone who thought King Joffrey of “Game of Thrones”, was a great humanitarian and simply misunderstood.

First off, Mimi is a black woman of limited talent who’s only real claim to fame is having a baby with Stevie J; Grammy award winning record producer who has worked with Biggie, 112 and his current wife, Jocelin, to name a few. His talent is undeniable and based on past hits, his money earning potential shouldn’t dry up like poor Mimi's will in about 14 minutes and counting....

Kim is Armenian American and is ALSO a woman of limited talent who’s claim to fame is an "alleged" leaked sex tape with Ray J, the younger brother of Actress and Grammy award winning singer Brandy, who’s renowned sexual prowess has been the root cause of a riot or two.

When Kim's sexual escapades with Ray J were exposed to the world, it catapulted her into instant fame, wealth and stardom. And that’s the happy coincidence/conclusion to an otherwise embarrassing situation for her as well as her high profile parents. Kim refuses to talk about, acknowledge or even reflect on how that tape changed hers and her family’s lives, but capitalizing on said tape hasn’t been a problem for the Kardashians either (Her father must be doing somersaults in his grave). Kim refuses to discuss it [sex tape] in interviews and has put that part of her past behind her, no pun intended.

Now, I don’t write this to disparage Mimi (or Kim) any more than she has disparaged herself, which is deeper than my vocabulary will take me; but the poor woman has been a “joke” on L&HHA and I have always maintained that she must be on drugs. Only…drugs, rehab/recovery, may have been easier to overcome; conquering a drug addiction may have been a great success story. Her daughter Eva, her greatest accomplishment according to Mimi, may have admired her mother for her strength and determination in facing her drug problem, but how is Mimi going to back out of this porn tape situation? How is she going to explain this to Eva? New career paths notwithstanding, chances are she’s working with the only skill set she thinks she has, sex, but didn’t she have a cleaning business? Don’t nobody need no house cleaning in ATL?

Oh well, when Kim explains her poor choices to Baby North in about 10 years, (that's how old my baby was when she started surfing the net) she can at least say it was something that happened years BEFORE she was even a thought… but how is Baby Eva going to feel about her Mothers choices?

Mimi has sunk to the bottom of the proverbial barrel with her "pimp" Nikko egging her on. And this bathroom scene/shower rod tomfoolery? Well, it's made poor Mimi the butt of hundreds of jokes on the internet and, God forgive me, some of them are hilarious! But I’m not sure how funny her daughter is going to think they are in less than 10 years…

Real Talk? Kim has spoken out about her regrets, regrets that were just as as scandalous; but I think her daughter could live with the old “it happened before you were even born” defense. What if Mimi's dream to follow in Kim's footsteps and hopes of meteoric fame and fortune doesn't happen? Will the disappointment, and MONEY, prompt her to star in sex tape after sex tape with Man after Man? Hmmmm, how regretful do you think she'll be then?