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The Keys to Success

This is the picture of a selfless, giving woman!
This is the picture of a selfless, giving woman!

If you are a betting individual and would like a little luck to come your way, it would be good to know Judy Pitt. Pitt, a Denver realtor has been selected not once, but twice as a winner in the local home builder’s Taylor Morrison “Keys to Success” realtor program.

The first time her name was chosen, Judy Pitt could either take the Mercedes Benz prize or a cash buyout instead of the car. Judy took the cash two years ago, but this year when her name was chosen, there was no cash buyout available and she did not want the Benz either. What she did take was the deal with Taylor Morrison who agreed to donate $30,000 to the Kazi Yaki Foundation that builds wells in Kenya.

Pitt is so much more than a realtor; considering realty is simply her job. Her calling, though, is to help others. She displays this urge by serving as the Executive Director of the Kazi Yaki Foundation. The Foundation was established to provide much needed help to rural villages in Kenya.

Although she works tirelessly for the Foundation in her off-hours, Judy knows that what the people of Kenya truly need is the funding to make positive change possible. So, the first time Judy Pitt won, instead of choosing a brand new Mercedes Benz, she took the $30,000 buyout, knowing it would benefit the Kazi Yaki Foundation. Taylor Morrison was only too happy to help. She made certain that a desperately needed well to provide the tiny village of Othoo with fresh water was built.

But, when, for the second time, she was selected as the winner of the Taylor Morrison “Key to Success” event at Skyestone in Broomfield earlier last month, even though she appreciated the gesture, she was determined to do something for others rather than reap personal rewards. The issue was that the rules had changed and there was no buyout – she would have to take the car!

Brian Cartwright and Graham Hughes had just met Pitt only 30 minutes before her name floated across the room as the winner. They had heard her story, heard about the people of Kenya and were amazed by her generosity. So when Pitt’s name was called, they sprang into action.

Cartwright and Hughes quickly formulated a plan and called Pitt, who was sobbing as she considered her good fortune, to the front of the room.

“You could tell that she was overwhelmed,” Cartwright said. “And from our earlier conversation, we knew she didn’t want the car.”

The solution? Cartwright and Hughes agreed on the spot to give Pitt a $30,000 donation for her charity and to once again raffle the car off to a local realtor. The room erupted in applause.

“It’s a tight-knit community,” Cartwright said of the local Denver Realtor community. “I think at that moment, a brand new red Mercedes Benz was the farthest thing from their minds. They were just so happy for Judy.”

Another Realtor in the room was also inspired by Pitt’s generosity. She announced to the packed room that her group was going to donate another $5,000 to Pitts’ charity.

“It was just the kind of heartfelt gesture that you’d see in the movies,” Cartwright said. “But it was happening right before our eyes.”

Denver realtor Deborah Oakes was eventually drawn as the winner (Pitt drew the new name from the barrel of entries) and the evening drew to a close, but not before Pitt and Oakes stood in front of a shiny Mercedes for pictures. By then, the donation was starting to sink in.

“Judy’s generosity is going to stay with our team for a long time to come,” Cartwright said. “She’s truly a special woman.”

Thanks to Judy Pitt, the Kenyans have received $60,000 from this very selfless, generous woman! They also received the additional $5,000 from the other realtor because of Judy’s story.

There are not many times we get to experience love for fellow man like this anymore. Everything about this story was true to the heart. From Taylor Morrison donating the automobile, to Judy Pitt donating not once but twice to her favorite charity, to the help displayed by Brian Cartwright and Graham Hughes, to the additional funds donated to the Kazi Yaki Foundation, every moment was charitable indeed! The keys to success were passed from one hand to the other that day. The hope is that the giving will continue!

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