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The Keys to Getting Your House Sold!


The real estate market is making an attempt to recover. Even though the battle is still up hill, the little strides of growth seem to be improving. When it comes to selling a home, pay special attention to how you viewed the home when you bought it. A buyer will use that same careful eye. They will be picky, observant and seeking a great deal. These three tips will help enhance your overall chances of a stress free real estate transaction.

1. Appeal to buyers outside first. I have had clients pull up to the home and say they didn’t want to see the inside if it looked horrible outside. Curb appeal teases the buyer to want more. If it looks good outside, they will be enticed to come inside. Therefore, you first want to make sure that the outside looks good first. Make it very warm and inviting. Plant some flowers or trees, cut the grass and wash the sidewalks. Make certain the bushes are neat and trimmed properly. This will make the house seem more appealing and maintained. Cleaning the windows inside and out will be an added bonus. Window screens should be replaced if they are torn and cleaned if dirty. It may be wise to take a pressure washer to the sidewalks and even the siding. If you need a new roof, look into replacing that as well. Your address needs bright and seen clearly from the street so that you don't have people turning around out of frustration trying to find the house. The front door needs to be attractive. A simple coat of paint and a fresh wreath gives it that welcome home feel. Also, replace the mailbox with an updated one that suits the character of the home.

2. The small things do matter. Deals are lost because of what we consider to be petty. Spruce your home up as much as possible. Most new homeowners, especially first time buyers, want little to no work upon moving into a new home. Simple things like putting putty in holes and a fresh coat of paint can be the difference between a home staying on the market and it selling. No one wants to purchase a home with crazy colored walls. Paint your walls a neutral color. Light shades of brown and off white are appealing to the eye and offers the opportunity for a buyer to be creative with their decorating style. Put in bright, new light bulbs in every room to give buyers a panoramic view of what they will be getting.

3. Give your home a thorough cleaning. There is nothing worse than a horrible smell when walking into a home. It’s a quick turn off! Don’t mask the odor with fragrance. Make the house smell as good as you want it to look. Start in the attic and work your way to the basement. You need to make sure that every surface in the house sparkles like a mirror. Clean the corners of the floors and remove spiderwebs. Don't forget to wash the wall trim or paint if needed. Replace some of the small things too. If possible, you will want to replace things like worn carpet or anything that makes the house seem dated. New light fixtures are inexpensive and are an easy fix to give new appeal. Anything that you can clean with your vacuum you should, i.e, the blinds and carpet. Cleaning not only makes your home look better, but it will also make the transition easy when it’s time to move. Remove worn and broken furniture. Less clutter and distractions should be your objective.

These are all good suggestions that require a little work or maybe a lot for some. Nevertheless, these steps will make your home sell twice as fast and cost you less money in the long run. A house sitting on the market is expensive and soon becomes devalued.

Nichelle Womack has been a licensed real estate broker in the state of Missouri for nine years. Her company offers free consultation to assist homeowners in reaping the rewards of what they have sowed, their financial investment. She also assist with first time home buying and investments. Nichelle has over 20 years of experience working with customers and negotiating deals. Learn more about Nichelle's services and the value of your home at Many blessings and much success!