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The Key to Unlocking Your Life

All is perception
All is perception
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What they did not teach you in school

A simple definition of perception is – the meaning that we attach to something. One of the greatest truths you can ever learn is this; nothing has any meaning other than the meaning you give it.

Our life is governed by our perceptions. What you believe is messy another sees as organized. There are things that we did regularly as kids that we would not even consider doing now. The only thing that has changed is our perception. Our health, wealth, happiness and relationships are all powerfully influenced by our own personal perceptions. Our perceptions determine what we do, how we think and how we treat ourselves and others.

Birth of your perceptions

Our perceptions are shaped by our family, teachers, friends, media and life experiences. Many kids rely on parents and teachers for education, training and information and many adults rely on the daily newspaper and evening news. Most of our beliefs and perceptions are formed unconsciously – without us even knowing it. Control the beliefs of a person and you control the person. Conscious living means being aware of what you take in -consciously selecting beliefs and forming perceptions that support your highest ideals and those of our earth community.


We have full and total control over our beliefs and perceptions and whether we buy into another person’s interpretation of reality. Many people perceive information as fact when coming from certain others because of their perception of the source of the information. Few people are taught to question, doctors, government officials, teachers, professors, police and parents. In my opinion, it is essential that we question them regularly.


Parents fill their role according to their perception of what the title parent means. If parent means controller, dictator, rule maker, God or anything similar you can only imagine how they will act towards their kids. Consider the parent who sees their kids as their equal not their possession or something they created; who sees their role as one of guide, mentor and friend whose purpose is to guide their kids to the fountain of higher consciousness and to teach them to drink from the waters of love. You can imagine how these kids will turn out.

Men and Women

Consider the perception men have of women. Most males begin with a healthy perception of women – nurturing, kind, loving, supportive and maternal until they enter the work force. It is clear even today that we live in a male dominated society – although this is gradually changing, a male dominated world has brought us war, hierarchies, poverty and fear consciousness. Feminine energy will bring us intuition, love, nurturing, healing and open-mindedness. This change is underway and is the source of excitement of the upcoming age following 2012.

Changing your perception of your spouse and kids

In order to create a negative perception of a person you must focus on the negative or hold onto memories of bad experiences. Neither of which are conducive to a healthy relationship. The past does not equal the future. Just because someone did something once, twice, or twenty times does not mean they will do it again! Tips for developing a healthy perception:

  • See the good in your husband, wife and kids
  • Focus on what’s great about them
  • Catch yourself when a criticizing or judgmental thought arises about them and change it. For example if your son or daughter forgets to turn the light off in the car (which has resulted in the battery fully discharging previously) do not perceive them as forgetful or irresponsible, recognize that they may have a lot going on in their mind. Adults forget also. Perceive them as your child who you love, do not allow their behavior to change your great perception of them, after all we are not our behavior.
  • If you’re going to remember the past focus on only good memories

All is perception – what is correct to you may be incorrect to another. Life is creativity and varied perceptions reflect this.

Hot Topics

  • Veganism
  • Abortion
  • Gun rights
  • Homosexuality

Vegans believe animals deserve to live while others believe animal protein is essential for health. Pro-abortion activists support a woman’s right to choose while religious advocates believe everyone has the right to live. Guns can be used to kill or used for sport. They are not inherently bad – it is what they’re used for that makes them so. Homosexuality is perceived as wrong and the source of many STD’s while others believe it is natural, healthy and normal. Who is right? You are in your own mind. We become wrong when we try to force or impose our beliefs and perceptions onto others.

Virtual reality equals perceptual reality

We’re either broadcasting fear or love through our perceptions. There is no in between. Fall from grace means a perceptual detachment from love. There is never real detachment from love because this is what we are. Material reality is perceptual/virtual reality - it merely acts as a mask. Love is always present – we just focus on material reality more than love so it seems more real to us.

Any perception that prevents us from living our full potential is fear based. We blame circumstances, people, handicaps, etc. on our shortcomings. In truth it is our fear based perception that blocks us from self-responsibility.

It seems there are higher and lower levels of reality; the truth of the matter is nothing really changes other than our perceptions. Some are perceptually locked into what seems to be deeper levels of fear than others. The depth is manifested in the degree of their unwillingness to create the life of their dreams. We see this in two primary areas of life - work and health. There are many counterproductive societal beliefs that people buy into that radically limit them – for one, the belief that traditional education and a college degree is essential to a successful life or how about the “no pain no gain” philosophy where it relates to exercise. Most people believe that they must sacrifice or give up an arm or a leg to get in shape. This is totally false. Our history is full of more than a few people that have achieved great success on many levels without following the status quo of traditional education.

Truth of life

If your goal is to succeed in life – whatever that may mean to you, it is best to fill your mind with references of your kind of success. Find people that have already accomplished what you are setting out to do.

Our perceptions will radically limit us or enable us to do the extraordinary. The great thing about life is there are references to support every outlook.

Changing your perceptions starts with approaching life with an empty cup – becoming a child again. Consider the following quick tips:

  1. See your cup of life as half full instead of half empty
  2. Train yourself to see only the good in things
  3. Duality does not exist – only love is real, everything else is virtual
  4. Tune out of emotion and into intuition
  5. Realize there is never any benefit in being negative or pessimistic
  6. Remind yourself that we are our own worst enemy and best ally
  7. You are the creator of your reality. Nothing has any meaning other than the meaning we give it

Devote no time in changing others, devote all of your time improving yourself. Self-responsibility means having a one tracked mind – embracing the fact that you are the creator of your reality.


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