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The key to losing weight, add about 10,000 steps

Losing weight is never an easy task at any age. As a person grows older it becomes even more difficult to lose weight due to a slowing metabolism, medications and less muscle which helps burn calories. Don't fret however there may be a way to take off those extra pounds and all it takes is a few steps.

The best exercise is just a few steps away

According to, "A comfortable pair of walking shoes and a stretch of open terrain may be all you need to get in physical shape -- and to lose or maintain weight."

The key to better health is exercise and there is no better or low cost exercise than walking. To take a daily walk no gym membership is required, just a willingness to get healthier. There are also a lot of benefits to taking a brisk walk, lower blood pressure, when accompanied with a sensible diet, possible weight loss, better muscle tone, etc.

In an article on SIFY, Parvathy R Krishnan says, "Walking is the safest exercise. Beginners, diabetics, those with anaemia or high blood pressure can set their own comfortable pace so as not to hike blood pressure and heart rate alarmingly. Walking can be accomplished anywhere anytime too and if you have company, it gets interesting."

Most first time walkers wonder how far they should walk. The answer, as far as the legs will allow but with a goal in mind of at least 10,000 steps. Why should the goal be 10,000 steps?

Wayne Curtis stated in an article in the Smart Set (an online Drexel University Publication), "Ten thousand is ... how many steps a day you’re told to take if you want to maintain good health," and lose weight.

A 2004 study published in the Sports Medicine journal found there is, “growing evidence that 10,000 steps/day is an amount of physical activity that is associated with indicators of good health,” including lower body fat and blood pressure.

Taking 10,000 steps a day sounds like a lot, it actually amounts to about five miles depending on a person's gait. Most people who are sedentary cringe at the idea of doing that much walking. Actually accumulating 10,000 steps a day may not be as hard as it sounds, if a person takes into account all the steps they take walking around work, up and down steps, walking around the mall, etc.

The key to getting to 10,000 steps a day is taking the first few steps and then adding more each day. The time is now to get healthier before it is to late.

As with any exercise program consult a family physician before beginning and walking fitness program.

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