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The KDMF partners with Wesco Oil and Almeida Plumbing to keep the roadways safe

March is known for its madness but when it comes to the roadways the Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation and its magnet partners want it to be a happy ride. According to the Rhode Island DMV, drunk drivers cause more than half of the accidents in the United States that result in death. More than 25,000 people die in alcohol-related car accidents each year. After just one drink, your chances of an accident multiply by seven. Those alarming statistics have spurred Rhode Island businesses and organizations to team up with the KDMF to help remind motorists to drive responsibly and starting today Wesco Energy and Almeida Plumbing with display KDMF magnets on their fleet of vehicles.

Chad Sirois owner of Wesco Energy and Fred Almeida owner of Almeida Plumbing team up with KDMF to keep the roadways safe

Now in its second year the KDMF’s Magnet Campaign, has been placing magnets on hundreds of delivery vehicles statewide with the friendly reminder to please drive responsibly. This month The KDMF is proud to announce Wesco Oil and Almeida Plumbing will feature the magnets on their vehicles. AAA of Southern New England, The Rhode Island State Police, Big Blue Bug Solutions, Del's Lemonade, Munroe Dairy, and Yard Works are all participants for the second year in this campaign to help keep the roadways safe.

“Last year’s auto magnet program was more successful that we ever imagined as we received a lot of positive feedback ! It was a simple, but extremely effective way to generate awareness to thousands and thousands of drivers on our roadways about the consequences of drunk and/or distracted driving” said John DeCubellis, the Executive Director of the KDMF. “As a result, this year, the KDMF is fortunate to again partner with several respected and conscientious organizations to help encourage motorists to drive responsibly and hopefully, continue to save lives! It is truly a team effort that we hope will continue to have a strong, positive effect throughout this State and beyond!”

John and Meg DeCubellis know first-hand of the devastating toll impaired driving can have on a family. October 29th, 1999 a drunken driver killed thirteen year old Katie DeCubellis. Since then, the Foundation has strived to raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence and distracted driving.

“As a third generation family run business, we encourage our drivers to be responsible, not just in our customer’s homes but to and from,” says Suzanne Grasso Tassoni manager of Wesco Oil, “Partnering with the KDMF to raise awareness about this crucial message falls right in line with Wesco Oil’s beliefs. We are proud to join forces with KDMF.”

For the second year Almeida Plumbing is displaying the KDMF magnets on their vehicles, "It’s foundations like this that we enjoy being a part of to help people remember the importance of preventing tragedies when indulgence impairs,” states owner Fred Almeida.

Each month one or more establishments will place the KDMF magnets on its vehicles helping KDMF to encourage the public to take notice. The goal is to raise awareness and also thank the organizations who are all so willing to donate some space on their vehicles.

To date, The KDMF has awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships, prizes and donations. For more information log onto

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