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The justice tarot card reversed: Mistrial

The Reversed Justice Tarot card
Rider Waite

In the upright position, the justice card brings to mind a sense of legality. This is a level headed fairness. What is deemed right by the laws and rules of the given society that are questioning the situation is what matters. We see in the hand of the figure in the card, a balance that is even and straight. This is a just ruling. What happens though when the justice card is reversed? Now we have a sense that something is off. Something is just not right. Justice has not been served.

In the reversed position the justice card leaves us feeling a sense of mistrial. Something did not go quite right. There is a sense of things having gone wrong. Not all of the evidence was presented. There has been some sort of trickery involved. We do not get satisfaction from the trial, be it in our favor or otherwise. There is a general lack of closure felt. If there is a sense of victory at all, it a stolen victory. This victory was not earned and it is not deserved. It was taken out of the hands of the deserving for the entirely self-serving purposes of the victory thief.

Lady Justice, as depicted in the Rider Waite justice card is an unwavering and stern authority figure, in the upright position. When reversed, however, she becomes corrupt. Just as the hanged man card depicts an upside down figure who sees another perspective on the world and the situation at hand, so does Lady Justice when reversed. Upside down, she no longer sees the perfect fairness of what is right and what is wrong in the situation. No, now she sees the inverse of justice, and this is what she will offer.

In the reversed position, justice has gone awry. It has become a mockery. For justice to be served, Lady Justice must remain upright and in good standing. The trust people place in her must remain intact. She must always act with integrity. Without integrity, justice will always be questioned and closure will be elusive.

When the justice card comes up for you in the reversed position, ponder if integrity is intact. Are you trustworthy? Are the others involved in the given situation? Is there a hidden agenda involved? Just how well do you feel justice is being served here?

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