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The Joys of an Open Relationship

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An open relationship is a relationship where two people are together but they agree to see other people; a non-monogamous relationship. In open relationships the parties can get intimate with one or more person. Open relationships can either be multi-partner relationships where both partners are non-monogamous, hybrid relationships where one partner is monogamous and the other is non-monogamous and swinging where a couple in a committed relationship engage in sex as a social activity or for recreation.

Open relationships are great and have numerous other advantages which include;

Varied sex

No matter how much you love your partner, there is always a need for someone else, maybe you would like to try a different kind of body or a sex style that your partner does not like. Partners also have different sexual preferences that do not necessarily match your partners and you would like to explore with other people. It is a wonderful feeling to see how another person could respond to your moves.

Freedom to be with other people

Open relationships give you the freedom to be with other people that you are attracted to. It removes the frustration of feeling guilty when someone makes a move on you and gives you the opportunity to explore.

It is a casual relationship

If you want to be in a steady relationship but are afraid of commitment then an open relationship will provide the perfect solution.

Sexual satisfaction

If you and your partner have different sex drives, you can look for a person who will be able to satisfy you. This can also apply to people who are in a long distance relationship.

Solving differences

Open relationships are great for solving differences, you can use sex with different people as a distraction as you take time to think about your relationship and sort out the differences.


Partners sometimes do not fulfill each others need for intellectual companionship, this can be solved with open relationships.

Creating a challenge

Relationships need a pang of jealousy, a sense of attachment or possessiveness so as to challenge partners to work on the problems in their relationship.

Meeting like-minded people

Open relationships open the possibilities of meeting new people who may have like-minded ideas. You can meet people who meet your emotional or intellectual needs.

Open relationships are great and can solve numerous challenges in relationships, but the greatest benefit of an open relationship is great sex. When a partner in a relationship gets into sexual relationships with different people, they open themselves to learning more about their sexuality, preferences styles. Learning about yourself leads to knowing what you want which results to great sex. Getting tips from different sexual partners lead to improved performance and great sex. Another way that open relationships lead to great sex is when a partner has opted for it because of differences in sex drive, this leads to satisfaction and great sex with their partners. Sites like SwingerLifeStyle encourage open relationships and allow members free dating for straight sex in open relationships and swinging. It is said that people who are in an open relationship find sex more pleasing and they engage in it more than regular couples. Having an open relationship helps you appreciate your partner and strengthens the bond in a relationship.

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