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The Jose Lima residence in Pearland


Not surprisingly, Jose Lima’s home in Pearland was a party-friendly sort of place. Not just because it has nearly 4,500 square feet or because it has two staircases, or because there’s a full-size pool in the back yard. Oh, those things probably helped. But the real reason his house was so spectacular during its Lima Time was because it had a spectacular owner.

Photo by Marie Brannon

The first thing visitors saw when the front door swung open was an impressive built-in aquarium in the entryway plus a regal staircase. The gourmet kitchen, dining room and breakfast area take up almost 500 square feet of the ground floor. A 25-foot den and a 15-foot living room made it easy to find a place to sit. There are also five bedrooms plus a media room, a study, a Jacuzzi, a wood-burning fireplace and a game room.

Photo by Setapak

All that is just inside the house. The back yard is amazing. It has a built-in pool, a thatched-hut gazebo, playground equipment, several impressively large palm trees and a breath-taking view of the 13th fairway at Country Place Golf Club. Beyond the golf course is a wooded area that lies within the Tom Bass Regional Park.

Photo by Maria Zuniga

Jose participated in his community. He was often seen down at the Country Store on McHard Road or over at Pearland’s Casa Ole restaurant (the same one where the famous commercials were made). He ran errands and waved at the security guards just like more ordinary people. He was always friendly and in a good mood.

Photo by Marie Brannon

Rest in peace, Jose. The people in your old neighborhood will remember you fondly.



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