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The Joke's On Me by author, Laurie Boris

Photo express permission of author Laurie Boris
Laurie Boris and 4RV Publishing

If you think you can’t go home again, follow along in The Joke’s On Me, newly published by author, Laurie Boris as she takes you on some fun twists and turns in her story of Frankie Goldberg.

Frankie left home 15 years prior heading to California pursuing a career in acting. When that fell through, she becomes a standup comedian. However, her career is short-lived, and circumstances send her packing back to her hometown of Woodstock, New York.

Frankie arrives home expecting things to be as she remembers, and is in for a shock because the home she remembers has changed and changed pretty dramatically. Instead of her mom running the Bed and Breakfast that she remembers, her sister, Jude, has plans to revamp it into a holistic retreat with yoga classes, health food, meditation and seminars.

The book comes to life in a fun way as the characters and storyline are introduced and intertwined with Frankie. You will become immersed in Frankie’s life as she tends her mom’s flower and vegetable garden as the memories come flooding back of how simple life use to be.

As the weeks and months progress, Frankie who only had plans to stay a short while until back on her feet finally agrees to help her sister.

Frankie isn’t back in town for long before she runs into Joey. The older kid that she’d had a crush on as a child when he helped his father Sal do handy work around her parent’s B&B. He’s divorced now, back from the road as a star baseball player, and coaching a hometown team.

The book revolves around the changes Frankie encounters with her mom now in a rest home, her sister running the show and their squabbles and laughs as they each have ideas of their own for the future of the place, her love for her only nephew Ethan who is soon to head off to college, some family secrets, and her fantasies of how her reintroduction to her childhood crush may or may not work out.

The book flows along with humor as the story unfolds with the main character, Frankie, re-evaluating her childhood, her life, her hurts, and love interests all the while finding herself among the past memories.

Excerpt from the book:

the cherry-red convertible and I bounced down the excuse for a road leading to my mother’s bed and breakfast. This was not the most pleasant car trip I’d ever taken, and by the time I got to Woodstock, “bed” and “breakfast” were the only two things I wanted to see, besides a bathroom with a locking door. Unfortunately, when I pulled into the gravel parking lot, there was no room at the inn. The lot overflowed with old Volvos wearing rust spots and bumper stickers like “Free Tibet” and “My Other Car is a Broom.”

The Joke’s On Me was released in July 2011 by 4RV Publishing and is among one of the first novels by author, Laurie E. Boris. You can find Laurie’s book at:

Barnes and Noble

Or check your local bookstores and if not available, please request it.

About the author:

Laurie Boris is a freelance writer and former graphic designer, has had her short fiction published in small magazines and on the Web. The Joke’s on Me is her first novel. She lives in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband, Paul Blumstein, a commercial illustrator who provided the art for the book’s cover.

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This book is a great add to any bookshelf.


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