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The John Galt radio show for Friday, October 22nd - Barter 101

Dancing Bananas
Dancing Bananas

Today on the John Galt radio show, John will be speaking on the fundamentals of the barter system, and how you can coordinate with your neighbors and local areas to function with this age old custom of dealing.

10/22 Voice of Galt - Barter 101:

Just before the show begins tonight I shall post a piece with my infamous barter chart which will be updated for current prices some 2 1/2 years later. Tonight’s program will start with the first hour full of news, views, and more but starting just after 7 P.M. ET, we will begin discussing the fine art of barter with thy neighbor; and enemy. I hope that you will bring your home canned goods, your crops, your silver, your paper gold, and more to the trading table. It will all be fictional but using fairly good approximation of valuations for each good. This means you might think you are storing something of value when in reality you may not have squat worth anything to people trying to survive.

To listen to the show tune in from 6-8 PM ET for one of the fastest growing internet radio shows or you can download the archives after 9:30 p.m. ET by clicking on this link.

1. You can call the show now starting tonight when prompted 3 ways:
Direct number: (541)787-4028

Toll Free: (888 )YJFK911 (953-5911)
or Direct via Skype (free Skype to Skype call) by contacting: THEWATCHMEN.FM

2. The archiving software is tested and ready to go. You can go to or and click on the link for the archives on the lower right hand side of the “Listen Live” page or just click on the links provided in this sentence.

3. You can still join the group in chat every night as well over 100 folks do and make new friends via the Chatango chat tool embedded in the links in #2.

4. You can also email me at

And if you’re schedule will not allow it, the archives are available by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the page or by going to and clicking on the archives link.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Please sign up and stay in touch with programming information for the network at Yahoo Groups for THEWATCHMENFM by clicking on this link.

The John Galt radio show is on each day at 6:00pm EST, and during the first hour John does a complete run through of the days market news. It is one of the most concise reviews of the markets you will find in the media, and on radio.


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