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The John Ballantine House is the most romantic house in Newark

The John Ballantine House is a romantic house of the Victorian era.
The John Ballantine House is a romantic house of the Victorian era.
Lucy Santos

During the Victorian era, people made hand crafted Valentine cards and wrote love letters. As for the spirit of chivalry, it was still alive. It was a time of romance in fashion, architecture and literature named after Queen Victoria. Americans, with a background from the mother country of England, emulated the customs of Great Britian during the Victorian era. Even the Victorian era is long gone, at the John Ballantine House in Newark, New Jersey, the spirit of the Victorian era is still alive. At the John Ballantine House, created by renowned New York architect Edward Harney in 1885, one will see ornate furniture and the elaborate designs of the most romantic mansion in Newark. Since 1985, the Ballantine House is considered a national historic landmark.

When you walk into the Ballantine House, a part of the Newark Museum, you will see wooden carved doors with intricate designs that include stained glass. On the first floor of the estate, there are embellished rooms that include a dining room, a living room, a billiard room,and a guest room - - just to name a few examples. Upstairs there are bedrooms and some of the beds have canopies. The dark hallways upstairs are mysterious.

After you climb the first flight of stairs, you will see a large magnificent stained glass window that has a design of the sun. When it is a sunny day, the sun on the stained glass window comes to life. On the walls of the staircase, you will see two oil painitngs. One painting is of Mrs. Jeannette Ballantine; the other oil portriat is of Mr. John Holme Ballantine. They were the most affluent couple in Newark; Mr. Ballantine owned a very successful brewery business in Newark. The Ballantine House was built for the Ballantine family and named after Mr. John Holme Ballantine. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, the perfect place to visit is the Ballantine House, a place where you will feel the romance.