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The Job market scenario of Bangalore

Bangalore has always been seen as an IT hub, however the trend is changing as organizations from the domains of hospitality, retail, healthcare, biotechnology, and microfinance are spreading their roots in this city. Also the start-up culture is taking over the job market by offering jobs for freshers along with lucrative salaries and stock options to lure them. Bangalore emerged as a city which was largely based on it's IT revolution which is now being taken over by the industrial revolution. New organizations from varied industries like manufacturing, aviation, space technology are entering the job sector in Bangalore and has indeed led to sky-rocketing figures when it comes to job creation in Bangalore.

Bangalore emerged as a viable destination for outsourcing industry, thanks to its huge number of skilled force and comparatively lower wages. The city has always been flocked by engineers from various domains to redeem opportunities lying with IT stalwarts in Bangalore. However, the trend is set to undergo a change and professionals from manufacturing, aviation and biotechnology are in demand owing to the industrial revolution. Search for a job in Bangalore within these industries and also in the service sector such as; hospitality and healthcare which is in dire requirement of professionals from these domains. The start-up revolution has also struck Bangalore and is demanding fresh talents to join the workforce; which the employers could mould with the skills that are of extreme importance to the job responsibility that the new joiners are offered.

Salaries and perks in Bangalore
Talking of the prevailing salary packages across industries in Bangalore, it has always been well above those offered in other metros like Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai. Looking at the annual compensation offered to an HR in an entry-level role can be anywhere between Rs. 2 to 3 Lakhs, which is further determined by the grades and the institution attended by the candidate. Being a very competitive job sector, employers in Bangalore do offer joining and annual bonuses to their employees in order to lure and retain them. The salary compensation entirely depends upon the certifications, skills level and previous experience. Salaries are highest in sectors such as IT, Aviation, Manufacturing, Outsourcing and engineering.

Life in Bangalore
Bangalore has the maximum number of expats living in any Indian city, which can be credited to the job sector in Bangalore with a wide variety of employers especially in IT sector. The settlement of expatriates have given rise to a cosmopolitan culture; can be regarded as the melting pot of cultures from all across the world. The weather of Bangalore is another feature which draws large pool of individuals from the northern parts of the country. Being a Tier I city, the salary packages offered here are at par with other metros, which does elevate one's standard of living and an improved quality of life. Living in Bangalore is a learning and an enriching experience that one can relish for their entire life time.

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