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The Jews missed Jesus twice; most will do so again?

The Jews missed Jesus' birth. The governing rulers and religious leaders were not in touch with the scriptures or they would have seen Him coming the way the Magi saw Him. The leaders of the synagogue were a "brood of vipers". They loved position, authority, the money and status that came with it, and paraded around with all the laws being enforced upon those "lower than themselves" with a holier-than-thou-attitude.

The Magi saw Him; shepherds heard and followed

The birth of Jesus was seen by the Magi because they were close to the scriptures which gave light and direction for them to find the King of the Jews. God's angels first announced the coming of Christ to worldly-poor shepherds whose hearts were not stuck on position, status, and money. They received because of a humbleness of heart filled with hope in a world filled with anxiety and turmoil just as it is today. He came as a child just as we are to come to Him as like a child, full of wonder and belief. He came to knock on the door of hearts so that those hearts would allow Him to dwell there to work through that person and thereby reflect Christ to a fallen world. God fulfilled prophecy to have Jesus born in Bethlehem but obscured His birth by having Him raised in Nazareth...can anything good come from Nazareth (John 1: 46) ? Jesus' birth was obscured to protect Him but also to cause one to have to look for Him with a humble heart open to possibilities.

Jews missed Jesus as an adult as well

The religious leaders in Jesus' day could have turned the fate of Israel totally around had this not been so. They were called a brood of vipers because they were in power over people through the synagogue. Their rejection of Jesus caused so many to turn away from Him and suffer ill fate for it. Jesus did miracles, forgave sin, and gave the joy and peace that comes with the release from the burden of sin. Blessed are those who mourn (Matthew 5:4) has everything to do with the release of the burden of sin and the entrance to heaven while still on the earth rather than the loss of a loved one. We receive the peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4:7) when we are in Christ. We can only come to Christ if we realize the need to be free from our own consciousness of sin; poor in spirit (Matthew 5: 3). The scribes and Pharisees didn't want any part of such need! After all they were in power and enjoyed all the riches and benefits of their position.

The scribes and Pharisees were looking for a king of status and power to take over the then- known world. They expected to be part of the Messiah's new government. In Christ, no one is greater than another. He is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10: 34) and the Pharisees would have none of that!

Human heart vs the law

It is clearly human nature to want a king or ruler to rule over them and make peace happen with laws without the need to delve into the wickedness of the human heart to effect change. "The human heart is desperately wicked, who can know it (Jeremiah 17:9)"? The lowering of the heart to acquiesce to anyone and the pain of the discipline needed for change is grueling to say the least (Hebrews 12:11). Cain killed Abel over this very issue. Cain wanted God's favor but did not intend to lower himself to a younger (lesser) brother to get what he needed for a proper sacrifice. He wanted what he already had to be good enough. He wanted to please God in his own way. The best of his grain crop would not do it with God. The sacrifice of a life was commanded and Abel had the lamb that was needed to fulfill this for him. God even directly told Cain what to do to receive the blessing and favor (Genesis 4:6-7). The sacrifice of the lamb was the foreshadowing of the sacrifice that God would send with Jesus Christ for all men if each would only accept it. The scribes, the keeper of the law, and the Pharisees would have nothing to do with the likes (lesser) of who they thought Jesus was and refused to let go of what they had in their life in the synagogue. Jesus was not comely in appearance (Isaiah 53:2) and they were not attracted to the likes of someone who they thought came from the (lesser) city of Nazareth.

The same thing happened with Saul. The people wanted to listen to the laws of a ruler instead of the scary voice of God. After Saul was made King over Israel, he became wrapped up in himself losing sight of God and became jealous when he realized that David, a man after God's own heart, had been sent to replace him. Even though David gravely sinned:

  • Indulgence of his own children
  • Adultery with Bathsheba
  • Shirking of his duties to his men by being home and away from the battlefield (he wouldn't have been in the presence of Bathsheba to see her bathing).
  • He had Uriah come home from battle to attempt to have him sleep with his wife (Bathsheba) to cover up the pregnancy. Uriah refused to sleep with her out of honor to his men who had not the same luxury.
  • David ordered that Uriah be sent to the front lines knowing he would be killed to hide the fact that he did not actually sleep with his wife.

But in the end, the child of that debauchery died anyway. The point being that even though David gravely sinned in his life, He had the heart to always repent and go to God for forgiveness and move forward again. David always knew that God cherished David's true love for Him with a love that David knew that he nor any other person deserved.

History repeats

Said all that to say this: History and world events really do repeat themselves. The Jews as a whole are still waiting for the Messiah to come. Rabbi Kaduri, the most revered religious man in Israel, died in 2006 at about 108 years of age. He left a note before he died that he said would reveal the name of the Messiah. The note was to be read one year after his death. The note was written, interestingly enough in code; Israeli style of code; missed that one too. It revealed the name of the Messiah to be Jesus Christ. Whoah! The Jews predominately rejected Jesus again! They were not having any of that! WE haven't been wrong, stiff-necked people that we are, those crazy Christians are wrong! No baby in a manger, no poor man, but a real live king will rule us and take control of the world and we will then have peace.

Guess what?

The Jews have set themselves up now ( they rejected Jesus by way of Kaduri) as they did in the beginning looking for the kind of king that will come soon. An adult man who will guarantee them their peace on this earth in the person of the Antichrist. This person will rise up and take that spot and be able to coerce Israel into a 7 year peace treaty. This person, at some point, will be clearly indwelled by Satan. Satan wanted to be above the Most High God in the beginning which lost him his grand position in heaven. He was so stuck on himself and his own attributes, beauty, and power he wanted God's position over the world, heaven, and man. Thereby, the Jews, veiled by their own rejection of Christ, will be so prime to believe that the "ruler" coming could be the Messiah they have waited so long to see. Even Christians are buying into the globalization idea which will endanger them to the same deception.

So we must prayerfully watch with anticipation and maybe even trepidation, our own government trying to coerce Israel into a treaty with her enemies to divide her land. This may be the treaty to end all treaties. Then again, this may be the enemy trying to force bible prophecy ahead of its time. Regardless, if it happens this year or next, that treaty day is coming. When it does, it will be all over.

My heart feels that the treaty being so desperately pushed forward with tremendous pressure upon Israel isn't going to happen within the 9 month timeline that John Kerry has put forth. Whether it is signed or not, the result I believe will bring forth an even greater stirring up of the battle for the control of the world and its peoples and resources.

The following link is NOT a statement of who the coming antichrist will be, but rather stated for the purpose of food for thought. It is given to cause more people to wake up and watch public figures and nations and the activities they are involving themselves with world-wide. The whole idea of the topic of the link shows the love affair of man to a king to rule over them and how the antichrist can so easily take over as the Judeo-Christian Bible says he will towards the end.

"The Prince Who Is to Come"

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