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The Jewish zodiac: It turns out we really are what we eat

Visit to get in-depth information on your Chinese Zodiac Sign.


Jewish mysticism (especially the Kabbalah) seeks to define the quintessence of the universe and the human being. So do Jewish comics.

One such Jewish comic has found Pandora's Lunch Box and the astounding results are soon to be printed on placemats everywhere.

***Spoiler Alert***

As it turns out, Jewish deli food is the secret to our very nature and purpose of existence.

Seth Front, a Jewish comic and film writer, seems to have a Lox, er, lock on who we all really "are". While waiting for a delicious (and cheap) meal of Jewish comfort food (Chinese), Seth stared at the Chinese placemat before him and had a vision.

Seth was transported to the fringes of the universe where he met each of the Chinese Zodiac animals on the placemat. The "Year of the..." critters allowed him a glimpse into the core of the human soul and his own successful eCommerce venture.

Someone at the next table munched on a crunchy noodle and Seth suddenly awakened. Literally.

A good Rabbi's son, Seth now knew his own true calling; to use his Jewish heritage, innate love of Chinese food and Jewish Deli food to help humanity understand each other a little better plus make a little coin for himself.

And, so, The Jewish Zodiac was born - along with a fantastically branded marketing concept.

New to the world of Astrology, Seth has done a remarkable job of creating 12 new Zodiac Signs with which we can all gain personal insights, chuckle about over an egg cream and decide what we want for lunch. Hey, that's no spiritual chopped liver.

The Jewish Zodiac Signs and their corresponding years are as follows:

To learn about the traits and personality of your Jewish Zodiac Sign (and buy the t-shirt, mug or magnet) visit

Many humble thanks to the fine fellas of for sharing Seth's hilarious, yet true, Jewish Zodiac Signs.

L'chaim to you wonderful readers and Mazal Tov to Seth!

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