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How the Jewish Conflict Began and Where it is Headed

The war between Israel and the Palestinian people is nothing new. In fact it has been going on for thousands of years. But it is all those events that have happened involving Israel becoming a nation in 1948, that is leading us right into the pages of end time prophecy, and we are now at the very end of it.

To get a better understanding on how and why this conflict with Israel and the Palestinians started and how it plays into end time prophecy, we have to take a look at the events that occurred as Israel first became a nation in 1948.

An important aspect to all of this is that In the late 1800's to the early 1900's Jews were gaining leadership roles in various nations around the world, entering high ranking positions of influence and prestige. In 1896, a Jewish journalist, Theodore Hertzl living in Austria, Hungary, also known as the Ottoman Empire, wrote a newspaper article called "The Jewish State". It made the Jewish people think about the possibility of having a place of their very own to call home. This created the so called Zionist movement among the Jewish people.

The current battle between the Jews and Palestinians however, all started during World War 1 in 1914. At the time, all the territory currently occupied by the Jews and the Arabs in Israel, Gaza and Jordan was a part of Turkey known as the Ottoman Empire. Austria and Hungary was given the mandate over it, but the area was comprised mostly of Islamic citizens. At the time, tensions were rising in Europe as Britain, France and the Russian Empire were at odds with Turkey, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Turkey was harboring German warships and Russia threatened to occupy the Ottoman territory if the warships were not removed. But the reason for the warships in the first place was due to the fact that Turkey was feeling threatened by Russia's interest in the Turkish Straits and feared for the safety of the Empire. Turkey made the first move by bombing Russian sea ports in the area. Immediately after, Britain led by a Jew in the Parliament, declared war on the Ottoman Empire and its allies, Germany, Austria and Hungary.

The Ottoman Empire was defeated, and was divided into states, in which the League of Nations awarded them accordingly. Syria and Lebanon were under the control of France, while Britain had control of Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Ultimately Egypt had the mandate over Gaza and the West Bank. The League of Nations was set up to end the first world war by vowing to enforce peace among the nations, specifically those of the newly conquered Ottoman empire.

As the land was being divided up, the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur Belfour sent a letter to the leader of the Jewish community for transition to the newly formed, Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The purpose was to confirm support from the British Government for the establishment in Palestine of a Homeland for the Jewish People. The letter was published in the newspaper and later became the Balfour Declaration, and the idea was later incorporated into the British Mandate for Palestine which was backed up and supported by the League of Nations.

The division of land was designed to bring peace by allowing everyone to have their own territory. The Jews and Palestinians were to live side by side, as the land was equally divided, and the idea was to prevent another world war. But without the world super powers enforcing it, and instead dropping out of the alliance, the League became ineffective, and the treaties as well as the plan for the division of land fell apart. The failure of The League of Nations was ultimately proven with the onset of WW2.

After WW1 was officially over, the defeated nations of the former Ottoman empire and its allies were to sign a treaty causing them to disarm and pay referendums to Britain, France and Russia, for their role in the war. They were also forced to become a democracy, with the leaders coming to power only through the vote of the people. Germany was to be charged the most for their war crimes, and the total charges were in access of $442 billion in current US dollars. Austria, Hungary and Turkey signed the treaty, but Germany refused.

As a result of their refusal, the blockade on Germany continued for another year after the war had ended. The German people depended on food being imported and due to the blockade that lasted for over 5 years, 434,000 people had died despite efforts from neighboring countries to supply food. Due to the pressure, Germany reluctantly signed the treaty in 1919.

But this was not the end as the people of Germany were having a growing resentment for the loss of World War 1, toward who they believe were responsible for the war and the starvation of so many German people. The German citizens began to develop a deep hated toward the Jewish people, because they believe the Jewish people wanting their own land, had initiated the overthrow of the Ottoman empire, putting the Germans on the front lines of battle, causing the economy to collapse along with mass starvation.

By September 1939, Germany acquired for itself a powerful military and a new leader Adolf Hitler, who had the goals of the people at heart, and was an Austrian born, WW1 Veteran. Through a newly formed democracy, in 1933, he was voted to power under the context that he would exterminate the Jews in retaliation for the nation's losses in WW1. His first order of business was to rid Germany of Jews, but ultimately World war 2 began with Germany invading Poland.

Hitler went on to conquer much of Europe, taking over territories and eliminating Jews as he went. By 1945 Germany was defeated by US, Britain and their allies, but by this time, Hitler had successfully exterminated over 5.5 million Jews across Europe.

At the end of world war 2, the United Nations was born. Britain wished to give up their mandate to Palestine and Jerusalem, which would have divided the land of Palestine, giving a partition to the Jews. As a result, the UN tried to reinforce the old boundaries of the defeated Ottoman Empire set up after WW1 by the League of Nations. The Jewish people agreed to the boundaries presented to them, and they declared their portion of the land as the state of Israel. But once again the idea was met with much resistance by the Muslims already living in the area, as they were not content in giving up a portion of their land. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan marched in, trying to prevent the Jews from taking their part. So instead of the Palestinians keeping their remaining portion, the Israel defense forces moved in driving the opposing armies back and reset the boundaries, which afforded more territory to the Jews, even the part that was supposed to be partitioned for a Palestinian state. As the Jewish population continued to grow and due to this war, many of the Muslims in the area fled to neighboring countries.

But it was because of the failure of Palestine to agree to the two state solution after WW1 with the League of Nations, and again after WW2 with the United Nations, that this conflict between them continues. To this day, the Palestinians continue to believe that the solution is to drive the Jews out of what they believe has always been their land. They have been trying to drive them out for nearly 100 years, since WW1. But since Egypt had the original Mandate for the West Bank and Gaza the Palestinian people are able to remain there. This could very well be the reason that Egypt is becoming a mediator in these latest cease fire talks.

But clearly it has come to a point in time, when the Palestinian people must realize that the Jews are never going to leave that land. So the only solution then is to abide by the peace agreement where both peoples can live together side by side which has already been set up by the United Nations. The original plan with 1948 borders, would only need to be enacted upon.

The world now believes that peace can only be achieved if the UN enforces the law and enacts the borders originally set up after WW2, which is the very reason for the existence of the United Nations.

The United Nations was born in 1948 for the purpose of Peace and Safety, after the British mandate, when the Jewish people had the right to their own land. There has never been a time such as there is now for that purpose to be fulfilled.

Jesus said this generation shall not pass before all these things, meaning Bible prophecy, are fulfilled. Israel became a nation and the United Nations was born in 1948. A generation in the Bible is 70 years, and so far 66 years have passed, leaving only 4 years or less for the final one to come to pass.

Most Bible prophecy involving Israel has already been fulfilled except for one, that is when Israel divides its land. This can only be done in one way, and that way has already been set up through the United Nations. It would be up to the United Nations to enforce their own agenda, which is the original boundaries set up in 1948, allowing the Palestinians to have their half of the land. But the Palestinians must finally agree and accept what is their portion of land designated to them, which is much easier said then done. The question will always be asked as to who the land really belongs to. The Bible says it belongs to God and his people, and God will ultimately step in to protect the Jewish people and their land. It is promised to them forever, never to be removed again! That is why God's wrath comes upon the world when the land is finally divided and a portion is given to the Palestinian people.

1st Thessalonians 5:3 says; "For when they shall say peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." Then again in Joel Chapter 3 vs. 2; "I will also gather all nations, and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat; and I will enter into judgment with them there on account of my people, my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; they have divided up my land."

The last major Biblical prophecy event, the division of God's land is about to be fulfilled. And with that fulfillment comes the wrath of God and the hour of tribulation. Jesus promised in Revelation 3:10, to save all those from the hour of trial who have turned from their sins. Ask Jesus into your heart, and He will save you from that which is soon to come! All the events are lining up, Biblical prophecy is about to be fulfilled. Jesus is coming soon! So don't be left behind and do not delay, get your heart ready for Jesus today.

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