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The Jesus film saves a Muslim. Twice!

In a recent Open Doors newsletter, Brother Andrew talks about how an overseas doctor (he doesn't mention the country) reaches out to Muslims. Malo-  a true fanatic- was one of them. He went to that doctor's medical clinic, not realizing Christians ran it. As Malo left, the doctor gave him a copy of the Jesus Film.

A taxi driver, Malo placed the film on his dashboard and drove away. Within two hours he was back at the clinic informing the physician that the film had saved his life.

Here is what happened- Malo drove into an illegal checkpoint. Radical Shia Muslims, carrying guns, were dragging people out of cars and instantly killing them. Malo was stuck. He couldn't escape. Panicked, he saw people directly ahead of him being murdered. And then it was his turn...

The Shiite gunman looked into the can and said, "This is a filthy Christian, not a Sunni. Let him go." Shaking and trembling in fear, Malo went home, watched the film and was saved by the story of Jesus Christ.

Brother Andrew asks,"How can they caome to know Jesus if no one shows them the love of Chrisitianity- to share the Good News with them?"

"Wake up!" God says. "Strengthen what remains and is about to die." (Rev.3:2).


  • Alden Marshall, Knoxville Religion and Spiritualit 4 years ago

    Great story! God is both powerful and has a sense of humor.

  • Pastafarian 4 years ago

    Yes, such a great sense of humor that he allowed the mindless murder of scores of innocent Sunnis in this alleged incident.