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The Jammer gets more publicity than is necessary

The Jammer gets more publicity than is necessary
The Jammer gets more publicity than is necessary
NH's Chican Bruzya

The Jammmer is easy to recognize by the star on the helmet they wear, but like the quarterback is to the game of football, they are an important part of the game and get the most publicity. But there is more to "The Jammer" than scoring.

The Jammer has to have the support and back up of the team, or they are not able to score. It is every bit as important who the team is blocking on the team which they are playing, as it is to the Jammer scoring. If there is no blocking effort going on the Jammer will not score, she needs her teems back up.

It is every bit as important that the team also leave open a way for their Jammer to score, and this can be difficult depending on the defense of the other team. The roller derby team works as a vehicle going around the track and supporting their Jammer's advancing to the front of the pack to score.

Like a pitcher is to a baseball team, the pitcher may be pitching a "no hitter," but if the team does not get any hits on the ball themselves when they are at bat, then they are not supporting their team. Defensively, blockers try to prevent the other teams jammer from skating past them and putting up points.

Each Jam has only two minutes to score. When the blockers are on offense, they help their jammer make it through the opposing team’s pack by pushing their jammer forward. By whipping the jammer around the track, the blockers can help their jammer pick up speed.

There is also a tremendous amount of endurance needed. A lot of jammers train by sprinting on land in addition to lifting weights. Each jam is potentially two minutes, and the jammer could be sprinting for all of it. It is mentally being on your toes, it is tough.

The team having the jammer's back, back-to-back, is one hundred percent on the blockers.

The pivot sets the pace for the game, she slows it down in an effort to get her Jammer in through the team pack, but then needs to speed it up to keep the other team's Jammer from getting in and through the pack. The pivot adjusts the speed according to what needs to be done to back up the Jammer, without the opposing team knowing what is going on.

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