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The Jam in Los Angeles, 1978: I have seen the future



  • Glenn Sadin 5 years ago

    I never knew you were a Jam fan, Dom! It was Paul Weller & the Jam that inspired me at age 20 to buy a fireglo Rickenbacker 330.

  • Scott Brookman 5 years ago

    Yeh. I didn't know you dug the Jam either. I still have all their UK vinyl. I was a huge, huge fan. Me and my pals wore sport jackets and badges to high school because of 'em. I never knew they came to the US before the Pistols. Their records still hold up, too.

  • Barry 5 years ago

    Yeah.. I still break out Sound Affects once and a while and give it a spin, and it sound great!

    Can't say the same for that Style Council stuff however.

  • Nancy 5 years ago


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