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‘The Italian Secretary,’ a novel by Caleb Carr

Book Cover of, 'The Italian Secretary'
Caleb Carr

Do you enjoy Sherlock Holmes, and bestselling author Caleb Carr? Then, ‘The Italian Secretary,’ is the novel for you.

Published in 2006, the novel begins when Sherlock, and his trusty sidekick Dr. Watson, receive a cryptic message regarding Queen Victoria’s safety from Sherlock’s brother Mycroft.

With two recent murders, and a bloody history Sherlock, and Watson are Compelled to travel to Edinburgh’s Holyrood House to investigate.

Before long, Sherlock, and Watson are confronted with chilling and puzzling murders where the victims are crushed beyond the power of any man.

To untangle the web of murder, history, and deception Sherlock must deduce whether recent assassination attempts on the Queen and the grisly history of the Holyrood House are intertwined with the recent murders.

Will Sherlock and Watson be able to find the killer, save the Queen, and resolve the past? Or will Holyrood House and its dark history prove to be their last case?

Bursting with intrigue, rich history, legend, murder, much loved characters, and fast paced action, makes the,’ Italian Secretary,’ a delightful, and chillingly wonderful read.

This novel is recommended for fans of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and author Caleb Carr.

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