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The irony of a CVS cigarette ban

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A gigantic national pharmacy chain banning the sale of tobacco products because of their negative health effects is like a heroin dealer banning the sale of crack.

Walk into any one of the 7,600 or so CVS drug stores in the US and it may actually take you some time to find a product that isn’t toxic to humans in some way, or doesn’t have negative long-term effects, if regularly used, swallowed, injected, inhaled, etc.

No matter what isle you walk down, if it isn’t a non-perishable like batteries or toys for example, it’s consistent, long-term usage is likely to eventually cause physical and/or mental problems, ailments, or diseases in almost anyone that uses them. Often times those effects, which can be both temporary and permanent, can be experienced almost immediately, or soon thereafter.

Some of the products found at a CVS are so toxic to humans in fact that pharmacy technicians are required to wear protective equipment while handling them. But even for all of the other items available, even many of the over-the-counter variety are so dangerous for people that an overdose can be achieved by consuming a relatively small amount over the suggested dosage.

But if anything could be as impressive as the mountain of potential side effects that typically comes with the thousands of items sold at your local CVS, it’s the fact that the vast majority of those products only serve to mask the problem or ailment patients are suffering from initially and rarely actually address the root cause or the reason for the health problem itself and the need for the drug in the first place.

Even the “food” isles at these places are stuffed with almost nothing but items with ingredients that end up ironically perpetuating the need to visit a CVS pharmacy. Which includes the items labeled low-fat, diet or natural. Many of which being just as addictive in various ways, or just as toxic, as some of the drugs. Meaning that regular consumption of just about any one of the edible items is also practically guaranteed to be a contributing factor to any number of potential ailments and conditions as well.

So it may have come of no surprise that it was quite surprising to have heard the news that CVS had decided to ban the sales of tobacco products from every one of its 7-plus thousand stores last week. A policy that is slated to go into effect in October of 2014.