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The iPhone Calorie-Counting App: MyFitnessPal

- What is MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a free calorie-counting application that you can use on the go. MyFitnessPal is able to provide you with tools that will:

1) Track what you eat, and when you eat it.
2) Measure fat content, calorie consumption, and other nutritional values of consumed foods.
3) Instruct you on what you should eat for the next meal, based on calculated recommendations.

MyFitnessPal is an amazing tool that can be installed on any mobile device or PC. MyFitnessPal helps you to lose weight – and keep it off! The best part of all: it's FREE.

Our application works on most mobile devices, and is also available for use on your PC (with Internet access). Simply download, install, and begin your personalized weight loss plan.

- How does it work / walk-through

MyFitnessPal is also extremely easy to use. With a simple application install on your mobile device or PC, you are able to track calories and fat content within your foods – and moderate your consumption. This helps to easily achieve the weight loss goal that you desire; and also keeps you feeling great through healthy food recommendations.

To use the MyFitnessPal application, simply download the app to your phone or your PC, install it, and viola! You have just begun to achieve your dietary goal.

As you go through the day, all that you must do to use the application is to:

1) Load the application on your device.
2) Register for a free account on
2) Begin your dietary medical journal by entering how much of what food that you have eaten, and for which meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner).
3) Our free application will then notify you of how many calories and fat grams that you have consumed.

Creating a dietary regiment based on nutritional intake has never been easier with our mobile medical diary app. It is extremely easy to use, and includes over 3 million food items to choose from within our database.

After you sign into the program on your mobile device or computer, the application will ask you for a bit of personal information to identify your specific diet needs. You will be asked to enter personal information such as your age, sex, weight, and your weight loss goal (and the length of time that you would like to accomplish this goal within).

Every day that you enter a new journal entry, you will only have to log what you eat, your exercise routines, etcetera. At the end of the day, a progress report will generate – which will give you a good idea of how you are doing with your diet, and what you should change (if anything). The application will generate a report stating whether or not you are going over your alloted amount of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and calories in a given period of time.

As with any diet, you should always have an interactive schedule. We have you covered on this as well. MyFitnessPal is able to provide recommendations for your next meal – thus helping to balance your calorie and fat intake throughout the day. This is truly an amazing application that has helped thousands of people lose weight.

Medical journals have been used to track patient health improvals for nearly 100 years. Using mobile device applications to perform journal tasks has never been easier with MyFitnessPal. Our electronic application is easily accessible from your mobile device, and is able to provide you with consistent updates and graphs on your weight loss progress.

After beginning your medical journal, make sure to also keep track of your weight loss with a digital scale. Keeping track of your weight loss progress in conjunction with foods that you have consumed is essential to knowing what is causing weight gain. After all, we must know the problem in order to solve it. Right?

MyFitnessPal is one of the most amazing applications on the market today. Providing over a half-million users with free weight loss tips, schedules, and goals – our simple mobile application has changed thousands of lives - and it can change yours as well!

Don't listen to me... I'm a bit impartial. See for yourself! Read our reviews at

- Where do I get it / How much does it cost (free)

So, now you're interested. You want to lose weight, without guessing on what you should eat – and when you should eat it. You want to manage your diet, and use our application to track your food intake.

After all, who has time to do this manually? If you were to count every calorie of every food manually, using a diary and nutritional value labels, you could spend hours per day just trying to figure out what food to eat next. MyFitnessPal has it all within one application that is accessible to you on demand – with the click of a mouse or the touch of a mobile device.

You might ask yourself, how much does this application cost? You could pay up to $9.99 for most medical journal applications – but this application is FREE. At absolutely no cost to you, you are able to use this application anytime on your mobile device or PC.

Here at MyFitnessPal, we know that helping people is awesome. Helping people for FREE is the ultimate version of “awesomeness” that any company could achieve. We have done just that. Over half a million people agree.

- What devices does it work on?

MyFitnessPal works on virtually all mobile devices, including:

Windows Mobile

You can obtain a free copy of the iPhone application from the app store menu within your device. The same applies for Android phones, such as HTC brand mobile devices and Kindle Fire tablets.

For Blackberry devices and Windows Mobile devices, simply point your on-line browser to Sign up for a free account, download the application, and follow the install instructions on your mobile device.

From this point, our application will guide you through each process of how to use the application, step by step.

MyFitnessPal automatically syncs information from your mobile device to our website – which makes it easy to access when you are using your PC. To use our PC application, simply point your browser to and login using your new account user name and password.

After login, you will see tabs that have synced with your device after each journal entry. From here, you are able to also update your diary on-line from your computer. You can view your past and present food journal, see charts about your progress, and monitor your weight loss based on each day's calorie and fat content consumption.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most amazing and successful weight loss programs that has ever been developed. And, I must mention again, it's FREE. How can you get any better than that?

- How to use MyFitnessPal successfully

1) Weight loss does not require certain food consumption. Eat what you want!

Contrary to popular belief, eating fattening foods and high-calorie intake is not the only cause of weight gain – and is certainly not what keeps weight loss from taking place.

Overconsumption is the cause of excessive weight gain – not just the foods themselves. Our body is designed to digest fats, carbohydrates, and calories for use. When foods are broken down into energy, we are able to effectively maintain our diet routine – and are able to manage our diet; while still enjoying the foods that we love the most.

When our body consumes too many calories or fat grams that we are unable to use, it is stored within our cells. This is what causes weight gain. When we keep a diary of our fat and calorie intake, and are able to manage it into a useful state, this provides a healthy weight loss regiment that guarantees success.

2) Keeping a food diary can double your weight loss.

Keeping a food diary has proven in recent studies to DOUBLE weight loss on average. This is an amazing statistic – with proven success; and does not require much additional effort on the dietary side of things. By simply keeping track of what you eat, when you eat it, and what you plan to eat next – you can effectively manage your weight loss routine into a plan that will guarantee success.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Jack Hollis of Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research states “The more food records people kept, the more weight they lost. Those who kept daily food records lose twice as much weight as those who kept no records. It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.”

This is an amazing statement that has changed thousands of lives. This is not only a statement – it is a proven fact. Our mind is able to control what we are aware of. When we are aware of our limits, and we have to willpower to not break them, we can control our lives much easier. When everything is written out on paper, we are able to see exactly what the problem is, and how that we need to change it. This is the most definitely the main benefit of providing a medical dietary journal for your diet routine.

3) Maintaining contact with other users is a way to get free weight loss support.

As we all know, when we go through any difficult issues in life, we need support from others. Getting support has never been easier with our application. We provide a forum with over a half-million users, where you are able to discuss your weight loss success stories.

Just as “word of mouth” advertising is the best form of advertising for businesses, success stories from personal experience are the best form of creating your own success. Obviously, each individual is different from one another. However, when we are able to connect with other users who have been through the same situation (or a similar situation), we no longer feel alone. We feel that someone else has overcome this obstacle, and we know that if they can do it – we can too.

In addition to personal experiences, moral support is also provided. Being overweight is usually accompanied by the feeling of helplessness and depression. While the feeling of eating is accompanied by guilt, the desire for weight loss is still always in the back of the dieter's mind, leaving the main two emotions of depression extremely active: guilt and hopelessness.

When dieters come together to discuss their struggles within forums or support groups, emotions are exchanged – leaving the dieter with a feeling of hope. From learning about other dieters' personal struggles and envisioning personal success stories, dieting becomes a goal – instead of a struggle.

Your MyFitnessPal account automatically includes a forum membership. After sign up and email confirmation, you will be able to share your personal goals and experiences with other members.

- Application Features

Use your progress reports to keep track of recommendations for your diet. Based on these recommendations, choose a diet that is right for you. Every day after your progress report generates, think of an item that you could substitute for a meal the next day. Instead of eggs for breakfast, try a banana – for instance. Both are just as filling, and one of those is much more healthy than the other.

Another feature of using the mobile application is a bar code scanner. This bar code scanner allows you to automatically enter in each type of food that you eat by simply using your camera phone. After scanning the item that you are preparing to consume, the application will automatically pull all nutritional value information from the application database. This creates ease of use and a quick way to generate your reports at the end of the day. Weight loss has never been easier or more convenient with today's technology.

Another amazing addition to this program is the vitamin calculator. Our program measures the nutrients within each food, and will generate an idea of what should be supplemented to your diet. For instance, many gluten-free diets do not include enough B-vitamins and fiber. If a gluten intolerant person were to use this program, it would recommend that the person either supplement these vitamins to their diet – or it would provide a gluten-free recommendation for the individual to add to their diet.

- No Gym Required

Although an exercise regiment would most definitely contribute to your weight loss success, adding an exercise routine to your “to-do list” is not necessary.

Our goal is simple, and our plan makes the goal easy to achieve. By monitoring your calorie intake with a calorie counter and medical dietary journal, there is no need for additional dietary routines.

While not requiring exercise in an addition to MyFitnessPal diet regiments, it is obviously encouraged. With our daily progress report, you are given estimates of calorie burning activities; and how that these activities have affected your diet regiment. By knowing how much that you exercise, you are more likely to exercise. When someone knows something isn't right – they are more likely to fix it. This is exactly the goal of our calorie counting journals.

- Create a Plan for Success: Testimonials -vs- Trial and Error Methods

As always, trial and error has proven to be the most effective managing tool of personal goals. Through experience, we learn what works for us – and what doesn't.

However, the other method that is often used are personal testimonies of success. Thousands of MyFitnessPal users have used our program to accomplish astonishing weight loss goals; including over half of body weight loss.

By incorporating trial and error with others' personal success stories, you are easily able to build a personal routine and goal for yourself that will effectively begin your plan for success.

On our website,, you can read personal testimonies from application users who have created weight loss success for themselves by using our personal calorie counter. These users explain what they have done to create success for themselves; thus creating a great start for your weight loss regiment.

- Personalized Diet Profile

At, we know that many individuals require specific diets in order to achieve maximum success with their weight loss routine. Our database is able to provide specific diet tools for regiments such as:

The Atkins Diet
The South Beach Diet
Gluten-Free Diets

and more!

Personalization is the key to achieving success with any goal – especially with weight loss. Doing something that you do not enjoy will eventually be abandoned. We see this often with jobs that people hate, and diets that people cannot maintain. Eventually, everyone decides that enjoying what you do is more important than obtaining the long term goal.

The key to success is not substituting what you hate for what you like, it is changing what you like – and how much of it is right for you. Moderation is key. MyFitnessPal provides just that – a regulatory moderation system that will allow you to govern your calorie and fat intake; easily and efficiently.

The best part about this program, again I must mention, is that it is provided at no cost to you – whatsoever. Many weight loss programs promise change, and do not deliver. This weight loss program has proven more effective than dieting, exercise, and many other conventional methods.

Mind over matter, is what we must remember. Our program is designed to give you complete control over what you eat, when you eat it, and measuring the results afterwards.

Using a personal diary has often been one of the most popular methods of long term medical recovery from any illness – and has proven to be the most effective. By documenting your progress through trial and error plus the willpower to change, you empower yourself to easily reach your weight loss goals.

- Conclusion

We all know that losing weight isn't easy. We all know that everything is much easier said than done. With our free weight loss calorie counter, we leave success up to you. We just make success a lot easier.