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The iPad - Apple's affordable "magical" device!

The iPad is described by Steve Jobs as "revolutionary and magical."
The iPad is described by Steve Jobs as "revolutionary and magical."
Photo courtesy of Apple, Inc.

Steve Jobs is at it again. This time his revolutionary device is called the iPad and in the words of Mr. Jobs himself the new device is "a truly magical and revolutionary product."

And given the initial high price of the iPhone, many were expecting the iPad to run well over $1000. But the entry level device is much more affordable, making it possible for you to get a piece of "magic" for only $499, including Wi-Fi and 16 GB of memory! This makes the iPad one of the most competitive products out there. Other versions with more memory and 3G connectivity will be available but will still stay under the $1000 mark by a substantial margin. The first versions are set to ship within 60 days.

When first analyzed visually, the iPad looks like a large version of the iPhone with a 9.7 inch display, and boasts that it can run your existing iPhone applications. This would make one wonder in an age where it seems that everyone has thought that smaller is better, why would one want the iPad.

First is the availability of over 140,000 applications for the iPad, including productivity suites that can import Microsoft Office documents. Second is the size of the iPad. While it is a larger screen, it lends itself much better to multimedia presentations such as movies. It also features a voice over screen reader that will make it possible for many accessibility functions, as well as e-book reading while performing other tasks. At the same time that it is larger, it is lighter than any laptop or tablet PC on the market today, weighing in at only 1.5 pounds and a half inch thin. The interface is the familiar iPhone interface with gestures working the same, but an optional dock will add an external keyboard for a minimal cost. The price point of the device is also attractive and should contribute to it's success.

Columbus has been a strong adopter of the iPhone, and while the device isn't for everyone, it will likely be a success in the Apple user market, as well as the technical gadget enthusiast.

The 3G connection is unlocked, so that you can use it with any carrier that will support the iPad and are not locked into the overly saturated AT&T network. Being locked into a carrier was one of the most limiting factors of the iPhone, but this democratizing of option for the iPad promises to expand the success of the device.

The larger footprint and the A4 processor designed for power efficiency allows for a much longer battery life, promising up to 10 hours of use on a full battery charge. Combine this with the wireless charging pads that have become wonderful conveniences, and maintaining a ready-to-use iPad should be a snap.

Ths audio is sure to be a winner with a built-in speaker as well as headphone support. The accessories that are currently available include the iPad keyboard dock, a card reader, camera adapters, USB power cable, an iPad case that will allow the device to be used in multiple positions as well as protecting the tablet, and wireless keyboard options. Bluetooth support rounds out the device features and expands the range of devices expected to enhance the iPad experience.

Check for more details on the iPad today.


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