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The Inward Journey of Travel

Travel Style
Jerome Imhoff

Most of us associate travel with having to “go away”, spending money and planning. Travel is quite accessible to us and easy to arrange with the right mindset. Meaningful journeys can take various forms and travel can take place in one’s home, doesn’t have to cost a lot, and can be created engaging one’s creativity and sense of adventure. Travel is about new experiences, new perspectives, behaviors and self-discoveries.

Introduce these small travel forms into your daily life, easily incorporating the essence of travel into your life; and prepare yourself for the times when you do travel to faraway lands.

• Take a new route to or from work.
• Connect with nature, get some fresh air, enjoy a local green space, take time for a picnic, and go on a garden tour.
• Make it a habit to meet your friends and family in a new spot.
• Try an ethnic restaurant or have a themed dinner party around a specific theme, place, or cuisine.
• Visit a local attraction that is considered “touristy”.
• Attend a worship service different than your own.
• Watch a foreign film in subtitles, listen to the language. Notice your heightened senses while watching a foreign film.
• Attend a local cultural event.
• Read an inspiring travelogue, search for photos, stories, and maps of intriguing parts of the world that interest you.
• Attend a lecture on the place you want to visit.

To travel is to explore unknown territory and new paths. Approach your days with this spirit and discover that these little journeys offer opportunities to enrich and enliven your day-to-day existence, for renewed energy, fun and self-awareness.

Embrace the true essence of travel and get to know yourself on a deeper level and the world anew by introducing little shifts to the ordinary.

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