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The Invisible challenge

Living in the moment - rising above the pain
Living in the moment - rising above the pain
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Most of us have heard the phrase “live one day at a time”, most often quoted for those of us who need to slow ourselves down enough to get the most out of our lives without dwelling on the past or anxiously anticipating the future. Today’s modern men and women tend to live life at a breakneck pace, forgetting to get the most from the day they are in. A number of us have already made the conscious decision to slow things down a bit in order to feel the benefit of enjoying every day. Those who haven’t yet reached that stage will eventually have an “aha” moment and realize that their parents actually knew what they were talking about when they said “don’t forget to stop and enjoy the day”.
There are some of us who have made the change from living our lives full tilt to taking the time to live each day while we’re in it. But, just when we are beginning to start to enjoy what we see as the second part of our lives, we may find ourselves facing challenges that we’d never considered would ever happen to us. Many of these challenges involve pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional, and several kinds of pain are more internal than external and therefore invisible to those around us unless we make them aware. As we find ourselves facing more of a challenge than we’d ever dreamed of, we find that each of us has a different way of handling it; but no matter to what degree we are suffering, we eventually discover that one thing is certain - no one can or should ever have to face things completely alone.

There are those of us who have that stoic gene (you know who you are), the one that make us stubbornly grit our teeth and try to deal with things the best we can. However, no matter how brave we try to be, at some point, we will eventually have to admit to ourselves that we just can’t carry the burden alone. Whether a friend, family member, husband or wife, we find ourselves reaching out to someone who will not judge us, but who will stand by us when we need that extra help or at least a hand to hold or a hug that says “I may not be able to feel your pain, but I understand that it’s real and I’m here for you”. Being there for someone in that situation may mean more to them then you can ever know.
Peace @-)-)---