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'The Investigation' Lifetime movie: True story of Clifford Olson

based on true events
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"The Investigation" is now a Lifetime true-story movie that is based on Canadian serial killer Clifford Olson. "The Investigation," which is directed by Anne Wheeler, aired for the first time between 2002 and 2003. The slasher film is written by Bruce M. Smith and stars Nicholas Lea, Lochlyn Munro and Reece Dinsdale. Some of the names and details were changed in the film.

"The Investigation" synopsis/plot: Police detectives race against the clock to capture a Canadian serial killer on the loose. After the arrest, police detectives think they finally have a killer off the streets but with no physical evidence and a lack of manpower, the botched investigation allows this killer to go free.

"The Investigation" is advertised as a movie based on "true events." The true events involve the Royal Canadian Mounted Police murder investigation and arrest of serial killer Clifford Olson, one of Canada's toughest serial killer cases. The case made national headlines in 1981. The key factor that stood out in this case was that (RCMP) police had to release Clifford Olson from jail due to a technicality, which ultimately led to the deaths of more of Canada's children.

Clifford Olson eventually confessed to the murders of 11 people in 1982, according to the Montreal Gazette. He died in 2011 from cancer. He was 71 years old.

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