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The intolerable ‘tolerance’ of same sex marriage activists

'Tolerant' gays protest all things traditional
'Tolerant' gays protest all things traditional

Backers of traditional one-man, one-woman marriage are often labeled “bigoted, hateful, obnoxious,” and above all – “INTOLERANT.” These charges have to a degree come about as a result of the rumblings of some, even some perverting the moniker “Christian” and spewing venom at those whose morality they reject.

When one thinks of that faction of “Christendom” Westboro Baptist types are typically the first to come to mind.

More often than not however, the “hate card” is played against exponents of biblically-based marriage, particularly by militant homosexuals and with great assistance from the liberal media. This bi-cameral union takes the most benign commentary intended to extol the societal virtues of time-honored marriage and extrapolates it to the degree of ludicrous in order to create the false impression that if one opposes homosexual “marriage” one is inherently pernicious and filled with hate.

This is simply how it works in America and around the world these days.

The impression created by the aforementioned parasitic media, is that the vast majority favor the gay perspective in lieu of the musty old Christian worldview. Despite the endeavor to generate this reality, a slim number of the populace has actually chosen the same-sex lifestyle and the majority in fact do NOT recognize SSM on the plateau of heterosexual marriage.

Canvassing population centers, as is common, where liberal infestation is peaked, does NOT represent a cross-section of America nor does it represent the sentiments of Americans on the topic. That given, even IF the statistics favored the homosexual view, it would not make it any more acceptable or consistent with the values which have made this country the greatest on earth for the last 230+ years.

The word intolerant, by way of the liberal definition, apparently means anyone who refuses to utterly capitulate to homofascism, holding instead to the moral underpinnings they know in their heart to be correct.

In truth Christians in particular are very tolerant in that they put up with those who are in error, wishing only to point out the destructive nature of their lifestyle, adjuring them to embrace God and His unwavering truth instead.

Consider the inversely “tolerant” nature of homofascism in general. The servile network news does its part to keep these things under wraps, but how many examples have there been of gay “pride” demonstrators behaving in the most savage manner?

Just in the past few weeks on the progressive European continent, as a part of the larger intolerance movement against Christians, LGBT pundits have:

  • Urinated in the holy water vessels in two churches, the Assumption Church and St. Josef’s in the town of Memmingen Germany
  • Vandalized four churches in Vienna, Austria including one instance where the words: “SAU CHRISTEN, VERNICHTEN DIE ERDE! (PIG CHRISTIANS ARE DESTROYING THE WORLD!) were spray painted on the outside of one place of worship

And most recently in Baden-Württemberg and Cologne Germany, according to news reports, Christian parents, publicly expressing concern over the inclusion of explicit homosexual materials in public school sex-ed curriculum, were:

shouted at with obscenities…. targeted with pepper spray… [and] …spit at, eggs were thrown and little bags with feces or color. Pages were ripped out of the Bible and used to wipe backsides, then formed into a ball and thrown at the parents.

How’s this for tolerant? Oh and let one not forget, CLASSY!


See a perfect example of tolerant protestors in this video:

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